Tenant wants to pay for new flooring

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I have a sfh that I rent. The tenant just indicated that she wants to stay for her third year and offered to pay to have the flooring replaced in the main bedroom. That's where she spends most of her time in the house and between her and her two dogs, the carpet is looking real rough. Has anyone else been in this situation? Should I reduce her rent for a month to cover part of the new flooring or just let her cover it? She has been a great tenant and I'm very glad she is staying for another year but money is a little tight right now as I had to have some concrete repaired on the outside of the house this month. What do you all think?

Let her cover it but make certain the flooring is installed by a professional (whether a handyman or flooring installer) so the job is done correctly. 

@Alice Riley  It's completely up to you. You can't go wrong either way. If the tenant is offering to cover all costs why not let her cover it? Clearly she's happy and doesn't want to leave. 

If you want to be very accommodating the tenant can pay for materials and you pay for labor. 

The only time I've seen this turn into an issue is if you offer to pay for the flooring and then the tenant comes up with more requests every couple of months (e.g. new toilet, different color paint, new washer/dryer, etc.) 

Even if she doesn't have the floor installed right and used cheap materials, you would have had to replace the carpet, anyway, and I would not 'lord' over her about the installation and quality. Making sure she puts in a good quality floor is like asking for something for free when you would have to replace the carpet, anyway.

But...for curiousity you could aske her what she is installing. If she is paying it should be her choice.

I would ask what kind of flooring and who is doing the work before I agreed to it.  My house I would insist on our guys doing the work so I know it was done correctly for liability reasons.  

Have seen crazy things over the years, like tenant put LVT over carpet.  Then complained about trip hazards.  Just want to be sure what is done is done properly and can be undone easy if it is a disaster or when they leave.  

If she's wanting to put it in because she's using the room a lot as are her dogs causing excessive wear, I'd let her.  Worst case you have to replace it when she moves out and it sounds like you'd have had to do that with the carpet anyhow.

A tenant who is willing to make improvements to your property plans to stay there long term.  If they are a great tenant like you say I would accommodate this request, especially if they don't have a history of requesting upgrades in the time they have stayed there.  

I would have all the terms in writing so there are clear expectations from both sides.

Some concerns:

1. Make sure the contractor is reputable, licensed & insured.

2. Does the tenant have funds on hand to pay for the work?

3. What are the tenant's expectations?  

She caused the damage and she's the one that wants the replacement. Let her replace it at her own expense but require her to use a professional installer and you have to approve the material/color. Get it in writing and both of you sign so there's no confusion.