Pet Odor - Anti odor solution to particle board ok?

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Hello, I have searched through the forums regarding pet odor and found it helpful. The Anti Icky poo was identified as a good product.
I've removed the think carpet and pads, and below is a particle board plywood, it's either the subflooring or layer on top of that. I would like to apply the Anti Icky poo product, pretty much to a large area. But my question is how to best do this with the particle board... The directions state for hard surfaces it can be diluted with 2 parts water to 1 product, and I suppose mop it on.  But I'm worried it will make it wet and hold wetness for a long time. 

After this product, I plan to use BIN zinsser primer to seal (shellac based, any suggestion on exact product?) and if needed Kilz on top of that so want it to be dry.  And....if it's still stinky, ozone generator if needed.

Ive also applied the Anti Icky product to 2 feet above floor on wall and baseboards. This is for Cat urine primarily. Thank you for any insights.

The last thing you want is to think you are finished and the odor lingers. I would rip up the worst areas of the particle board maybe all of it and replace it. If there is any indication that the sub floor has been exposed treat that with the Anti Icky Poo. Cat odor is a curse! Check to see if the particle board was glued down and if so don't try to remove it.

@Bruce Woodruff Thanks. Yeah, i am almost thinking it might be better to cut a couple 16 inch by 16 inch sections out (what looks to be the worst) as much as I don't want to. Just two or three sections. It's tricky to figure out if the odor is coming from a couple spots strongly or just everywhere. It feels like everywhere. I'm hoping the sealant works well but figure once I do that, it can't be treated with this enzyme product at that point.  Trying to take multiple steps to hopefully make sure it's taken care of.  Feels a bit overwhelming right now though as it seems like it's coming from everywhere and nothing will work. I found the smell even attached to my shoes when I left. They are outside now.

@Alex Forest seal the subfloor with Kilz primer.

I’ve had human and pet waste in houses over the years. If I can’t replace the subfloor (out of practicality or economically) I will use the oil based original Kilz primer and seal it in with several coats.

@Alex Forest

Do the cleaning you’ve mentioned and then finish off with an ozone generator. I think they work magic.

Amazon for like $200-$250 or so, run them for 6 hrs and do a 2nd treatment if necessary.

They break down odors at the chemical level to actually make them disappear. Obviously if it’s trapped in wood, might make it a little tough, but will definitely help a lot.