Central A/C or not??

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Good Morning BP! 

Just thought I'd stop in here to see what others would do or have done....

We recently purchased a 6 unit distressed property. The property is comprised of a triplex, duplex and single family home. 

We are currently working in the triplex and when we purchased the property, everything was a little odd. I believe at one point this triplex was a single family home, so it had 1 oil tank servicing the heater for all 3 units- yikes. We got rid of that and had 3 gas meters installed. We are getting new ductwork/heaters for all 3 units so now I'm wondering...should we take that one step further and do central a/c too?? 

We just installed all new windows in the building and it would be really nice not to have a bunch of a/c units hanging out of them in the warmer months. Yes, it's more costly up front, but I'm assuming in time it would pay off and obviously add value to the property. Thoughts? What would you do or what have you done?

Sounds like you have a major renovation going on there, well done.  If the numbers work A/C is a great investment that does add value to properties both on the rental and sales side.  If this numbers don't work laying the groundwork now would be ideal as well.  A lot you can do to simply place the units in later if you can't do all 3 now.  

@Scott M

@Scott M.  that is a great idea (laying the ground work). I think we will try to get all 3 central a/c units in on the front end, but if we don't, at least they can be added in later with ease if we go the route you had mentioned. Thank you!