Residential Lease Agreement

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Hello I am asking for some direction. I’m looking to rent my primary home and purchase another, the home is almost rent ready but I’m not sure where to find legal residential lease agreements. I know a lawyer is the obvious answer but I wanted to see what my local investors are using. I’m located in Cleburne TX, thanks!

@Emanuel Martinez i've always used my realtor or property manager's leases. For example, when i purchased a new home and rented out my old one, my realtor provided the lease agreement and listed the unit on the MLS. Another option in BP Pro has state specific lease forms, but requires membership to attain. Otherwise you can google state specific lease agreements online, and there are free options there. It's always cheap insurance to have someone knowledgeable help you draft them though.

On the realtor side be careful. Just because they can doesn't mean you should. By far the vast majority of realtors I interface with on a regular basis have no idea about renting properties, screening, leasing, or a good/bad lease. They will simply go to their MLS and grab one. Doesn't mean it is a good one. You spent hundreds of thousands on a home (I would guess) why cheap out on the legal document between you and person living in your investment? BP does have some, lots of sites have them but yes you should, even if you get one from somewhere else chat with your lawyer. Get one that has a ton of experience in landlord/tenant law as their lease has been updated 100x over the years and they know how the local judges/courts rule. Don't cheap out after you have come this far.