How collect first, last and deposit over a period of time?

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We have someone we'd like to rent to and are working with them re: there first, last and deposit payment. We're collecting the first and deposit upfront, but letting them pay the last month's rent on some type of payment system so they can do it over time. Any ideas for the best way to do this? Should we just collect a little extra each month until they have submitted the full last month's rent (and of course have the specific payments and what they're for outlined in the lease)? 

Any ideas about how to structure the last month's rent payment would be helpful- thanks!

@Henley H.

Not sure where you are and what is customary for the area but you’re knowingly entering into a lease with someone who is low on cash reserves if they don’t have first, last and security. I would tread lightly. Get the money in your account as soon as possible and don’t extend your payment plan out too long. At lease signing is ideal.

I would structure it by looking for a different tenant.  Not having cash reserves has been a red flag for us.  We tired to do what you are asking about a few times over the years and never, not, once did it work out well.  Not saying it won't for you, but if they can't pay the move in costs we don't rent to them.  

I never collect last months rent but I collect First, deposit equal to first month, and usually a 600 pet deposit.  This is usually around 4-5k and it has to be up front and this is one of my screening tactics.  You know you are moving and if you don't have the reserves ready that tells me you don't have a financial plan for emergencies and they are only a breakdown or medical bill away from being late on rent.  I ask up front before I even show if the money is ready and if not I don't show the house.  Whenever someone doesn't have it there is a follow-up of some interesting stories I'll listen to if I have time but it is more for amusement.  Upon acceptance they have 48 hours to sign the contract with the deposit in certified funds, if they can't I can't rent to them.