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I just went through a (mildly) bad experience with Section 8. I had planned on renting out a unit to a Section 8 tenant, but when the inspector came they gave me a list of about 30 different things that I had to repair. Mind you that most of these are small items, but they are taking me a lot of time to get them all done. So I was wondering: does anyone here have a detailed list of items that Section 8 inspectors look for on these inspections? Or can you give me a link where I can get a checklist like this?

I am looking for something with specific items, not the generalized list of items on the Section 8 report itself. I ran into an inspector that was very picky and I want to be more prepared next time...

Thanks in advance!

You could have asked the inspector for a copy of his checklist. The problem you may have is that unless you are in a state that mandates you take section 8 - source of income is a protected class - you may want to stay clear of the program.

If it not the Section 8 program I used frequently 15 years ago and the people who are using it may well have been evicted from prior housing and have gotten their Section 8 voucher merely because they have no money and children.

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