Property Manager Wants Me To Call Tenant?

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I have a tenant that has struggled a bit over the last year, but has received some government assistance, or otherwise caught up on their own. All things considered I consider it a win compared to some of the stories that I have heard.

I changed PM companies, because my last company was just not managing things well or communicating. My new company really seems to be on top of things and has been sending proper notices etc when the tenant is late. The tenant recently received a 3 day notice, and is requesting to speak to the owner of the property.

Curious what others think about that? Part of why I have a PM is so that I don’t have to deal directly with tenants. I’m not going to tell them anything different.

@Dave E. That is highly unusual and I would not agree to it. The tenant thinks they can circumvent the PM and talk you into working with them on the rent due. The PM needs to handle this which is what you are paying them to do. We never connect owners and tenants unless the request comes from the owner and even then we strongly discourage it. Once a tenant has an owners contact information, it cannot be undone. 

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Yes, let the PM deal directly with the tenant.  This is a business, not a "warm, fuzzy, pull your heart strings" relationship....the PM keeps it professional and not emotionally charged.

The one of the reasons of having a PM is to keep out of the drama as much as possible.

Thanks for the responses everyone. I thought it was unusual myself for them to even ask.

The ONLY reason the tenant wants to talk to you? They believe you'll be easier to convince of their sob story and side with them.

You hired a PM for a reason. Stick with it and politely decline the request. Have your PM tell them you're a very busy person and hired the PM to make these decisions for you.