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I am updating one of my renal units. It's a 2b/2.5bath unit in a duplex. The carpet is shot. I am thinking about replacing living room flooring with wood-like Vinyl planks. I'd like to know if anyone had experiences with Earthwerks Rapture. Do you have a recommendation on color? I am thinking SPR-712.

I am having difficulty deciding what to do with the bathroom and kitchen flooring. Tiles or just same Vinyl extended from living room. The apartment is about 1200sqft and located in Austin, TX. What's your opinion on that?


Tile the whole apartment and you will never had to think in flooring again....Home Depot has very affordable price for materials, you just need to get a installer ( not from HD, they are expensive) Vynil won't last long either

Thanks Sergio. The only thing is I am not sure if tile floors in the living room would be as appealing to renters. The Vinyl I am using is Vinyl planks that are very wood-like so it would look nicer, I know it won't last as long as tiles but maybe it'd be more comfortable. I don't want tile floors to turn off renters. Or do you think that won't be a problem?


I use Allure vinyl wood floor for my non bedroom areas. Bedrooms still get carpet. The bathrooms and kitchen get a vinyl tile. No grout uses for the bathrooms. Shows less wear and still looks nice. I agree with your assessment on tile throughout, I think its very unattractive and screams rental. I want something that is inviting to renters.

On the vinyl flooring, I still have my vinyl floors glued even though they do have adhesive backing. I just found that adhesive it comes with doesn't really hold up.


Ditto @Sergio B. .... tile is the way to go for almost bullet-proof wear and tear. There are a lot of really nice natural colors to choose from. If you're concerned that it feels too hard/harsh, you could put a few area rugs to soften it some. That will also reduce the echo effect. Some people actually prefer hard floors (e.g. my wife).

Good luck!

Tile for Kitchen and Bath or Vinyl if you want to save a few $$$ on installation. Although I lay my own tile so it is actually cheaper to install tile.

For Living and Bedroom either Hardwood Oak or Engineered Laminate if you want to save a few $$$. Sometimes I can pick up Hardwood Oak cheap on Craigslist.

Keep us posted on what you go with. I am in the middle of a 1br renovation and will report back on what I went with.

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