San Francisco Meetup - Thursday 4/10/14

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  • 04/10/14 06:30PM
  • S & R Lounge Inside Hotel Zetta 55 5th St San Francisco, CA 94103
  • Free

Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. Do your due diligence before attending any events. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion, pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques. There may be pitching of products, services or properties at this event!

It's been awhile since we had a San Francisco meetup and I had a great time at the East Bay meetup that it would be worth while to start it up again. I am going to take a page (ie copy) out of my buddy's @J Martin meetups and have the same layout.

Come one, come all! Join us to meet with some great people, talk about all aspects of real estate investing, and make some local connections in the Bay. For those who are coming, please introduce yourself on the forum by copy and pasting the questions I filled out in the post below, then replace my answers with yours. This way, everyone has an idea of who we are and who they'd like to target when we meet up. Everyone will have a chance to introduce themselves in a circle there. I look forward to seeing you all.

What: San Francisco Meetup - April Edition

When: Thursday, April 10, 2014

Where: S & R Lounge

Inside Hotel Zetta 55 5th St San Francisco, CA 94103

(between Mission and Powell)

This is a beautiful location as Hotel Zetta is newly renovated. Tasty drinks/beers, and food available. We have a reservation for a large table in the corner of this lounge good for 10-15 people and the space can easily accommodate many more. I picked this place as it is bright and quiet, not crowded with plenty of space to accommodate everyone, and close to BART/MUNI.

Get There: Take BART/MUNI to Powell station. It is less than a 3 minute walk from the station. The hotel is right next to the Westfield Shopping Center.

Parking: The closest parking lot is at Fifth & Mission which is just a few minutes away. From 6pm-midnight, rate is $1.50 an hour.

Food and drink:
There are drinks available, appetizers, and a menu. You are responsible for the cost of your own food and drink, if you choose to have any. There is no “minimum” or cost for the meetup beyond what you choose to spend.

Looking forward to meeting new investors and seeing familar faces.




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Updated over 4 years ago

Official time is at 6:30pm but I will probably be there as early at 6pm if you want to chat!

Note: There will be NO pitching at this event. I didn't see that box to uncheck and I can't edit it anymore. Maybe @Joshua Dorkin can help me out with that.

In State / Out of State?

Both! I have been investing in Phoenix and in Las Vegas recently. Currently, thinking about investing in the North Bay and Houston.

I have several SFH rentals and completed two flips in Phoenix. I recently purchased a vacation condo in Las Vegas that is running smoothly on AirBnB.

I am either looking to buy SFH in Houston or buy a 10-50 unit apartment building in the North Bay and syndicate it with partners. I have not decided yet and I am open to any opportunities.

Type of properties?

SFH or apartment buildings.

Looking for?

Looking for deals with apartment buildings in the North Bay, connections for the North Bay and Houston and investors experienced with syndication.

Can offer / knowledgeable about?

Investing in rentals out of state, flipping out of state, vacation rental on AirBnB.

@Johnson H.

I'm out of town that day, unfortunately. Thanks for getting the SF meetup going. I'll catch the next one.

Hi guys,

I will be interested in going. Marking my calendar now.


Hi Johnson,

What time is the meet up

Originally posted by @Andrew S. :
Hi Johnson,
What time is the meet up

The post said 6:30pm.

@Johnson H. , there will be pitching.......LOL! You're killing me. I know it's a typo, but it's too funny to ignore. Please keep me in the loop for your Vacaville/Fairfield syndication deal would you? I might be able to raise some $$ for the deal. Thx.

@Andrew S. I couldnt edit the post so I added an update that it starts at 6:30pm and I'll be there as early at 6pm.

@Minh L. haha I thought it was funny too. I was in a rush to post this as I am busy and completely missed that. I will definitely keep you in the loop, maybe you can help me vet the numbers too with your experience and knowledge. Are you able to attend this meetup?

@Andrew S. - I hope you can make it.

@Ken Lau - We will have to get lunch some day then. I'll shoot you an email this weekend.

Thanks for setting this up. Count me in for 4/10.

Horray, my first meet up where I don't have to drive or pay bridge toll.

Close to work, so I'll be there!

@Johnson H. you the man for getting an SF meetup going! I'll be there.

For street parking, the meters stop at 6pm, right? Any idea how hard it is to nab a street spot nearby?

Click on my name above to read about my investment strategy. Thx.

@Johnson H.

feel free to pitch my Rohnert Park property but that's the only one. LOL

Have fun

@Jay Hinrichs - Let me know when you develop that piece of land, would really enjoy watching that get built, I can be your eyes and ears! Definitely a lot of fun building something from the ground up.

Originally posted by @Esther Thomas :
Horray, my first meet up where I don't have to drive or pay bridge toll.

Close to work, so I'll be there!

This is the exact reason why I am starting up the SF meetup, the driving was getting too much for me!

@Amit M. - Most but not all meters run until 6pm. You can try street parking or looking for spots in the alley ways. However, that area is real busy as the hotel is next to Westfield shopping center which is why I suggested the parking lot that is so close to the hotel. Good luck!

@Amit M. , if you get your car towed in SF you be paying $500 to get your car back + any ticket fees. I found out the hard way, so hoping no one ends up in the same situation. :)

I love going to the city! Count me in! My husband will be joining as well since it's close to his work.

Way to go @Johnson H. on getting it scheduled! I was just too busy to organize SF also.. Added to my calendar. Looks like I might be coming into the office to work then instead of working from home! @Minh L. @Esther Thomas , @Yuliany W. , @Kyle Zaylor , and @Amit M. , glad to see some of the usual suspects. @Jay Hinrichs , I believe I got to meet you once at my Oakland meetup. @Andrew S. , I'll meet you there for the first time I believe.. For those working in the FiDi, I'd be interested in potentially meeting up for a smaller lunch group that day.. @Sam

@Sam McClellan undefined, are you interested too?

In State / Out of State?

Investing in-state now. Driveable distances to Bay. Will be considering out of state investments in the future, and interested in hearing more, and talking numbers, thoughts, etc..

'Fix' and hold. Buy 'em cheap and beat up. Then make them pretty, and rent at top of market to better than average tenants - so far in lower-income neighborhoods (relative to the Bay). Strong rental demand. Increasing rents. Appreciating properties. Cash flow returns from day 1, w/ built-in upside in rents.

Type of properties?
Prefer 2-4 units, or multiple SFH's on one lot. WIll also consider SFH alone.. Will look at MF and other commercial after tapped out on 30yr financing.

Looking for?
Wholesalers to bring off-market properties in the Bay Area w/ <8GRM or significant turnaround/rehab needed.

Potential equity investors to invest side-by-side with my equity on deals I am looking at, in the future (current prospect deal fully funded). I do not have any money to lend for other's deals right now, but would potentially be interested in being an equity partner on someone else's deal in the Bay Area, investing side-by-side equity with a colleague.

People who are interested in starting small side businesses that could flourish.

People who would like to network and/or join up with a non-profit (or form one) and explore how those of us in the real estate industry can give back and volunteer. I've been thinking about this for a while, and the impetus to get started on this project was inspired by a conversation with @Brandon Lee at the last meetup. @Ken Lau had some suggestions for me the other night at our Berkeley group which I appreciated, and hoping to hear more.

Can offer / knowledgeable about?
Advice: RE contacts from lots of people in the Bay, general real estate, landlording, SF/Oakland rent control, FHA loan info, landlording and tenant issues, banking, general loan info, Multifamily & MF loans, financial analysis, prospecting spreadsheet (CF estimates), economic analysis, references for handyman, loans, insurance, inspectors, etc in the Bay.

thanks for the parking tips!

Hi all,

I plan to attend. Thanks Johnson for setting this up!

In State / Out of State?
I'm just getting started but right now I'm thinking about investing in out-of-state properties due to the prices in the area. I think it will allow for better diversification.

Buy, hold and rent. For now, but still investigating.

Type of properties?

I'm planning on starting with SFHand eventually going to MF. However, I'm keeping my eyes on MF as I start investigating markets and properties.

Looking for?
People to discuss opportunities with, get advice, share information. Possibly looking for an experienced person that I can partner with on my first deal. I have equity that I can provide as part of the deal.

Can offer / knowledgeable about?

Right now I can offer equity, and my programming skills for websites and automating systems. :) Hopefully I'll be able to provide more RE advice and experience back as I learn more myself.

@Johnson H. Thanks for the invite. I hope to be there. It's a bit of a haul from the South Bay, but I will be there if I can.

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