Chicago Meetup

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  • 04/09/14 11:30AM
  • Celtic Crown 4301 N Western Ave
  • Free

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Great meeting everyone tonight at the Chicago meetup!

It was a fun meetup and great to put a face to many of the names here. Thanks for setting this up.

Where may I find out more about these events?

@Jeremy W. there were requests for a surburban one so maybe you can plan that?

It was great to meet all of you, and thanks @Brianna S. for organizing!

Great to meet you all last night! Thanks George and @Brianna S. for setting these up these events.

@Brianna S. Awesome! Thank you!

Any thoughts on the next meetup? My schedule for May is starting to fill up quick.

Hello @Brianna Schmidt My name is Shaun Draughn I am actually here for work now from NC and wanted to know when and if there will be a meet up in the near future! or if there is a REIA group here in Chicago. thanks in advance.

@John Weidner I am actually planning it now. There were a few requests to move it closer to the highway for the suburbanites so I have been calling on some places in Park Ridge - Near the Jefferson Blue line or the Montrose Blue line. Both those stops have Metra stops and are right off the highway. I am not familiar with the area so if there are any suggestions?

@Cliff Mccue @Mark Ainley @Jonathan Pliszka @Joey Nakayama got any?

@Shaun Draughn - would love to have you - PM me your email and I can add you to the list

@Brianna Schmidt

Nothing in Park Ridge I can think of walking dist from the Blue Line

There are a few dives off Harlem Ave that would have Blue Line access...

The Metra and BL are far from each other until Jefferson Park. Gale Street Inn in Jeff Park may be a good choice as it's right across from the Jeff Park Transit Center and very close to the Kennedy. Let me know if I can be of any assistance or it you want me to give them a call. I don't know if they have a back room

There are also a few bars on Irving Park in OLP that could be an option..McNamara's?

I really enjoy McNamara's, @John Weidner . @Brianna Schmidt Brudder's on Addison/Pulaski is another option. They have a whole section that is never occupied and I would imagine could easily be reserved.

Hope I'm able to make the next one. I'm tied up with work stuff on June 10-11, but certainly don't plan around me!

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