Chicago Meet Up May 14th

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  • 05/14/14 06:30PM
  • Celtic Crown Bar 4301 N Western Ave
  • Free

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May 14th 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Celtic Crown Bar

4301 N Western Ave Chicago

This is a networking event not sponsored by any product, service, or company. Just a group of people who want to get together, make introductions, and form business relationships.

I'll be there!

Looking forward to seeing everyone Wednesday at the Chicago Meetup!

Wow @John Weidner are you sure? You have ditched me at the last two

I have been sick and now have laryngitis - I haven't been able to talk since Friday. While my husband has enjoyed the silence I am hoping to have my voice back for Wednesday

@Brianna Schmidt

My schedule is clear as of now ;)

I owe you a beer or 2 for putting up with my banter so long without having met F2F

I will not be able to make it. Need to buy materials for a house and then go out of town on Thursday. Wednesday is the only day I can buy hardwood floors, paint etc. for my construction guy. But please keep hosting these events.

I will try to come but have to meet my contractor in Waukegan in the evening..depends on traffic and how long things take. Otherwise, definitely will attend the next one. Thanks for putting it together again

should be back in Chicago by tomorrow am ......still planning on making the event tomorrow night

@John Weidner 10 bucks you ditch me again :)

Just to let everyone know the Chicago Meetup will be in the upstairs bar. Same room as we had before

@Brianna Schmidt Have a work event tonight keeping me from the Meetup tonight. I'm bummed! Going to TRY to sneak out a bit early, but I'm not too confident in that happening.

Thanks for continuing to put these on and I'm going to do everything I can to be at the next one. Have fun!

@Jonathan Pliszka No problem! I have gotten great feedback and requests to make these happen every 4-6 weeks so there should be more opportunities to come

I plan to be there @Brianna Schmidt

Looking forward to seeing you all again and meeting you in person @John Weidner !

@Raji Ahmed ...I'd love to hear how your Waukegan deal is going!

I'll be there as well, and i believe Joe will be there as well!

Thanks @Brianna Schmidt once again for setting these up


LOL @Brianna Schmidt

Looking forward to hearing about your leads @Jonathan Avila

Hopefully Joe and @John Weidner can also make it!

See you all tonight!

Updated over 4 years ago

Also, Brianna, do you know if the location has Wifi access we can use? Thanks!

I'll be there...see you tonight!

I missed the first one and viewing a property after work. I will do my best to make the next one.

Joe didn't get back to me in Rosemont so I'm CTA'ing it there to say hi lol

Thanks for organizing @Brianna Schmidt ! I can't make this one but at least I don't ditch you like @John Weidner does! ;-)

Great group of people tonight to connect with...

Thanks @Brianna Schmidt for organizing !!

@John Weidner It was a pleasure meeting you.

@Brianna Schmidt As always, it was great to see you and thanks for putting the event together.

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