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  • 05/29/14 07:00PM
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We are hosting a special WIN (Wealth Investment Network) meeting on May 29th. As you may know, a huge crowfunding conference is coming to Austin at the end of this month. To coincide with this, our group managed to secure two amazing speakers for an exclusive meeting with our group.

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Speakers will be Brandon Jenkins & Rishi Thakkar

Brandon Jenkins is the Co-Founder of Fundrise, which is an innovative, new fundraising platform that gives the best companies in the country the ability to raise money directly from investors online. By leveraging technology and cutting out unnecessary middlemen, Fundrise makes the process simple and efficient.

The Fundrise team has $2.2B in transaction experience and over 75 years of collective real estate and finance experience.

Rishi Thakkar, the VP of Investments at RealtyMogul, will also be a speaker at our event. Rishi works in several capacities including business development, underwriting, raising capital and corporate strategy. Having previously worked at Rockwood Capital and the CIM Group, he has significant experience with investing in institutional real estate.

Realty Mogul is a marketplace for accredited investors to pool money online and buy shares of pre-vetted investment properties.

As always our meeting is free, but will be limited to the first 50 RSVPs.

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See you there!

Should be fun Lamar! I am looking forward to hosting it!

Thanks Bryan & Lamar for hosting & bringing Brandon & Rishi to last night's meeting. That was an awesome presentation in one evening! Very informative.

As Title 3 is enacted by the SEC, please host another meeting as an update to how investors can expand their funding options.

You're welcome. A pic of the meeting organizers, Fundrise, and Realty Mogul is below. Groundbreaker's securities attorney and co-founder Stephao was present at the meeting as well.

We'll certainly try to organize another meeting around Title III. iFunding may be in town in July of this year if things go as planned.

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