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I am watching all of these meet-ups scroll down my screen but none of them are ever in Ohio.  Why is it?  Ohio Investors - should we have a little meet-up? We could do it in very centrally-located Lima...seriously - any interest? 

I would be interested but I buy all my Ohio properties from California.

Haha - I'll come to Cali instead; the weather is better.  Though, I wouldn't think to buy in Cali.  What kind of stuff do you buy in Ohio @Sheri Ulm  

Hi Ben,

Sounds like a great idea.

I would definitely be interested in attending.


@Ben Leybovich

Yes the weather here is much better but the real estate prices are outrageous. I buy 5-20k homes in the Youngstown area to hold as rentals.

Count me in for the meet up! What city is most ideal?

@Zoran M.  

Lima of course - it's the most happening place in Ohio (cause I'm here lol)

Let's see who else there is...

Been to Lima once in my life! Are the M1 tanks still built there?

Haha - they sure are and you can ride one at the meet up :)

Originally posted by @Sheri Ulm :
@Ben Leybovich
Yes the weather here is much better but the real estate prices are outrageous. I buy 5-20k homes in the Youngstown area to hold as rentals.

@Sheri Ulm - which parts of Youngstown, if you don't mind me asking? My father-in-law is a homebuilder in a suburb south of the city.

@Zoran M. It depends. Honestly, I've never been to Ohio and the first two I relied on the seller, a wing and a prayer and got lucky they were in decent areas. Now I rely on my partner out there to direct me to the good/decent areas and away from the war zones. I have in the North Heights area and another in the city of Campbell. I'm currently buying one that is in the Buckeye Plat area.

@Ben Leybovich Ben, I would jump at the chance to see beautiful Lima, Ohio but it will have to be in October after we (my family) relocate back to Cincinnati (from SoCal).

Maybe we could all pitch in a few bucks and buy a cheap round trip plane ticket from Washington State to Columbus for "you know who..." ; )

THAT would be a meet-up to remember!

There is actually a meetup that Steve Baldwin started here in Columbus a few months ago. I wasn't able to make the first two, but the next one is scheduled for this coming Monday, June 9. See Steve's post for more info.

I can actually attend this one (finally!). Hope to see some of you there.

Hey all you Ohion's lollol

I got a call yesterday from one of our "We Buy Houses" marketing posts.

Not sure how or why they called us because we currently don't buy anything in or the surrounds of Cleveland.

4 bed, 1 bath home in Euclid. $2,000 in back taxes and seller wants it sold yesterday. It is owner occupied and needs no work (what I was told). Asking is $20,000 but very negotiable. Prob pick up for $15,000 all day long

Comps looks great of when I pulled a few sales up on the county web. A few sold for around $40k and $50k.

If any of you operators in Cleveland know this area and if what I wrote so far looks like a good deal, please feel free to send me a message.

We don't work this area but happy to pass on the lead.

Thanks and have a great day.

Originally posted by @Zoran M. :

@Engelo Rumora - Got your message, will call tonight!

 Thanks Zoran,

I don't know the market at all but on the surface it looks like decent figures.

Thanks and speak soon

This post has been removed.

Hi guys, I'm interested in a meetup. From what I can tell from my phone this post is 3ish years old. At any rate I am willing to buy coffee/drinks if anyone is still interested!

@Ken Mackey , I'll actually be in the Akron area in August.  Going to send you a connection request.  Maybe some others will still be interested.

I'd be interested in the Akron meet up as well. Currently own Cleveland SFR.

@Ken Mackey @Jason Goretzki @Andrew Victory @James Hunt

We have a monthly BP meetup in middleburg hts which attracts 216 and 330 folks. There are also REIA meetings in both independence and Akron.

Other than that there is a weekly breakfast RE meetup in Akron on Thursday's. You can get the details on meetup.com or through the ACREIA.

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