Hi there, 

I'm hosting a meetup in NYC to discuss how to build your team in a market that you don't live in. It's the 3rd meetup I've hosted with this group and the first two have gone really well. 

Specifically we'll discuss: 

- WHO should be on your team (i.e. team members, how to qualify them, etc.) 

- WHY they should be on your team (i.e. team fit, personality, alignment of goals, etc.) 

- HOW to get them on your team (i.e. questions to ask, ways to position yourself to them, etc.) 

Our meetup will be structured as follows: 

- Introductions (everyone gives an intro and talks about their background in real estate and what they want to get out of the meeting)

- Joe presents (I present the above info on building your team) 

- Group decides what our next meetup will be about

Hope to see you there. Here's where you sign up: