Houston Meetup: July 10, 2014

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  • 07/10/14 06:30PM
  • TBD: Midtown area
  • Free

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BP Family,

We will have our next meetup on July 10, 2014 @ 6:30pm. Brian is securing a location in Midtown and will post it once finalized. Come join us for an evening of networking and knowledge sharing.

I'll be leaving town that day but looking forward to the next one!  Out of curiosity, how many people usually come out to the BP meetup in Houston?  I have a decent sized area in my office building that I can book for things like that but it would be BYOB.  Might be interesting without the usual bar type distraction.  My office is off of FM 1960 though.

Ryan - we normally have anywhere between 15-20 come out.

Hey Charles, I'm interested in attending.

 Sorry will be missing this one. I'm overseas till the 14th. 

Have fun you all!!!

@Charles Nguyen  As always thank you for organizing this grate event.

Hi, I am definitely interested in attending

We've reserved a spot at Mongoose versus Cobra for this event. Let me know if you guys have any question and see you all out there!


1011 McGowen Road, Houston, TX 77002


Sounds good , count me in. I look forward to meeting everyone.

I'm so sad to miss this one! Be sure to take a photo!!!! :)

We have something else schedule already. If we can re-schedule we will be there. Thank you for the invitation Charles!

I'm definitely interested in the meeting. I live in Tyler right now but would make the drive for the meeting. Is everyone in the meeting investors or a mixture of everything? What day will it be on and about what are the hours of the meeting?

@Charles Nguyen

Is this meetup open to anyone? I'm an investor and recently moved to Houston. Would like to meet some people in the local REI community.

I am interested coming in July. I am a fairly new investor, looking to meet some mentors in the area. Look forward to meeting everyone!!!

Jennifer Welborn


7.10  - my calendar is marked :)

@Jim Lin - Welcome to Houston! You are certainly welcome to join us. It is a great way to meet other Houston investors.

@Mike Mike - We generally have the meetings on Thursday evenings at the beginning of the month. Technically, the meetings start at 6:30pm, but @Brian Nguyen and I are usually there early. We are also one of the last ones to leave as well. The crowd is a good mix of real estate professionals - investors, realtors, lenders, rehabbers, etc.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

I will finally be able to make one. See you guys there!

Glad I found this thread but unfortunately going to miss this meeting (flying to Boston for work) I will make the August one!  

I can't make the event for July 10th, but an event near FM 1960 would be really good

@Charles Nguyen  I'm glad I found this thread. I will be coming out for this one. Looking forward to meeting some investors and newbies like myself. See you guys there!

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