Atlanta ICOS Meetup

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  • 07/17/14 06:30PM
  • Hyatt Place 5595 Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA
  • Free

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This month the topic will be Facebook Marketing! Come learn from Eddie Wilson who is one of the best in the business for maximizing your marketing dollars.

He will speak to us about using Facebook as the new "Ad-words" and how we can use it to generate leads!

@Andrew Cordle , I'm a newbie from north metro Atlanta myself, and looking at doing my first deal by the end of 2014. Would really appreciate any advice you could give. I've been on BP for a few months now, have listened to most of the podcasts, and have found it so informative. I'd like to concentrate on buy and holds, as the passive income is awesome. Would love to see your recent Marietta fix and flip some time, if possible. Thanks for any comments you might have.

@Mark Beno

Hey man I was out there today working on layout. I would be more than happy to help out when I can. Are you going to make it to ICOS on Thursday in Alpharetta?


@Rick Baggenstoss

ICOS is probably more mastermind like, and we normally have about 20 people with those 20 attendees I would say there is 15 or so that are really doing deals not tire kicker investors. 

Being a little more mastermind like when we teach on a subject it is very open to questions and thoughts verses classroom style teacher to students.

However, I want you to understand we support both of those groups and are not trying to bash either group I was trying to answer your question but I want to make sure you don't think we are against the other groups. 

I hope that helps a little let me know if you have any more questions.



I am interested in facebook advertising. 

How long is the meeting?  Do you have to be a member of ICOS to attend?  

Nice blog by the way! 


@Adam D.

You can come to the first meeting for free. After that you have to join and it is as low as 99 to a business and it is 349.  

Meeting is from 7pm to 9pm

Also there is no sales whatsoever. It is really just a mastermind. 


I am going to check it out today at 7:00pm today. Anyone else from Bigger pockets North Atlanta attending?

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