Ned Carey & J Scott Speaking In Columbia MD Wed. Aug 13

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  • 08/13/14 06:30PM
  • Columbia MD
  • Free

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Sounds awesome...I'll be there!

J Scott, I hope you are there. I don't want to be up there are by myself.

I think you both should leave Terry up there to do all the talking, lol . . .

RSVP'd last night, can't wait to attend my first meeting : )

Ned - What are you planning to talk about? 

I still have 3 hours to figure that out!

Kenny mentioned that I would be talking about tax liens so I was thinking some case studies.

Wow.. I just came across post. I would have loved to meet you guys. Maybe next time. ugh..

Arktaviuos Sally,  all three of us are usual at this meetup every month. It is the second Wednesday of every month. 

Ned and J. Scott,

Sorry I missed you all yesterday.  I see you meet up every month.  Is that in conjunction with a specific club or meet up group?


ok so apparently I didn't look close enough on my phone because the answer was right in the original post.  Sorry.


Hi Ned - Can you please send me a PM. I have tried to PM but it won't to go through. Thanks

@Reco Collins and others I believe you can only PM people who are already colleagues.

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