Houston Monday Afternoon & Wednesday Evening Mastermind Group at RICH

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  • 09/08/14 02:00PM
  • RICH HQ - 4220 Lockfield, 77092
  • $15

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Hi folks, 

we're kicking up our Mastermind Groups again at RICH!  This time we're offering two time slots so you can pick the one that works best for you.  If you've never experienced this guided brainstorming and facilitated personal development process you need to come join us for a session.  Use the code "Mastermind10" to save $10 off your registration so your first session is free!  

Mastermind Monday Afternoon or Wednesday Evening 

Led by Chris Carpentier

Meets 3 - 5pm at RICH

This weekly series is facilitated by Certified Mastermind Facilitator Chris Carpentier. The Mastermind process can be used to achieve any of your personal or professional goals. You bring the goal that you want to work on and the group will assist you with creating a directed action plan.

Class Description:

Have you been able to meet some of your business goals, but just can’t seem to catapult your business to the next level?

The Real Estate Investment Group of Houston is now holding Mastermind Group Meetings for individuals who want to:

Grow their business substantially in the next year.

Experience a group where they can feel safe sharing their challenges and ideas.

Tap into infinite intelligence.

Take action on projects

Gain from others'' experiences, knowledge and resources.

Build a business, make a change or get help with a business decision.

Move their business forward and increase their income significantly.

Create excitement and get motivated.

This is not a class. This is a group that is gently guided through a proven process that Napoleon Hill wrote about in “Think and Grow Rich” and Jack Canfield wrote about in his book “The Success Principles.” This group only grows with your enthusiastic attitude and participation. Trust and communication will be stressed in our high energy level group.

Members please wear our badge to all RICH events

Members and Non-Members welcomed

This is a 12 week course

Members - $129.00

Non-Members - $179.00

You can also use the code "biggerpockets25" to save $25 off your annual membership.

@Will Porter The vent itself is a fairly simple process. The facilitator breaks the participants into groups of 5-6.  You are given instructions to get started and the facilitator keeps everyone on track and on topic.  You will each be given an opportunity to tell what it is you are needing assistance on and then the other group members each gives you feedback and suggestions.  Through this process each person is focusing on a particular aspect they need assistance on that week and then they are held accountable the following week to have taken some actions to accomplish their goals.

It's truly amazing the level of interaction and the connections you can make through the process.  You are welcome to come check it out as you can pay for each session ala carte or buy the whole series at a discounted price.

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