Denver - Real Estate Investor Success Summit

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  • 10/25/14 08:00AM
  • Radisson Hotel - Aurora
  • $10

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I am a part of a team hosting a real estate investor event in Denver. This is our 9th event, there are no sales pitches - 10 speakers, a panel 25 vendors to help you grow your business. Local investors doing deals, no Guru's - Last fall we had 450 in attendance. 

It is $10 for all day and it includes free drink at the networking event. $10 helps us cover the cost of the space.

All details here:

October 25th, 2014

Radisson Hotel 

3155 S Vaughn Way, Aurora, CO 80014

This will be my third Success Summit and it's well worth the $10

@Travis Sperr  

Do you have to sign up before hand or can you just show up the day of the event?

@Jim Tiernan   Thank you for the positive review.

@Derek Diamond  You can register at the door - keep in mind there are a few hundred people all showing up at the same time so it is easier to register before.

@Travis Sperr

Do you have a promo code for bigger pockets members? 

@Kaleb McKey  We do not have a promo code for this event - we charge $10 to cover our costs. I will offer this - if you attend and don't feel like you got any value I will personally give you $10 back at the event. 

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