Investor Empowerment Series - Hard Money Lending in the Chicago Market

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  • 10/07/14 06:00PM
  • TANIS Group Realty - 505 E Algonquin Rd, Algonquin, IL 60102
  • Free

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I am hosting a FREE informational seminar for investors looking to learn more about real estate investing through our educational networking concept-- The Investor Empowerment Series- Hard Money Lending in Chicago's Market

Date: Oct 7th, 2014

Time: 6pm-9pm

Location: 505 E Algonquin Rd, Algonquin, IL 60102 (this is my main office for my company, TANIS Group Realty) Across from McDonald's, next to 7-11

Currently, (this may change in the future as this is our first event) it is 100% Free.

We have the owner of a Hard Money lending company driving in from Oklahoma City, OK that primarily lends in IL and TX to discuss opportunities in working with a hard money lender.  We met at a real estate event a few months back, and I think the educational opportunity he can discuss can potentially benefit investors interested in obtaining hard money.  He will not be solicitating per say, but discussing his services, hopefully that is clear enough as far as full disclosure.

I am a real estate broker, and will be present along with my manager who is also a licensed broker.  The intent here is to avoid solictation of services, there will be no sales pitch, or gimmick to have anyone buy anything.  Should an attendee need brokerage services, obviously we are there to help assist if needed.  Again, full disclosure.  There will be no pow-wow of TANIS brokers attempting to secure clients-- That said, no other brokers from other companies or OUR company are attending in order to AVOID solicitation.  Moderators, let me know if this is acceptable on your end.

Questions, shoot me a PM.  To sign up go to:

Investor Empowerment Series - Hard Money Lending

Joe, who is the HML from OKC?

Hello Mr. Mueller, 

Thank you for organizing this event.  I am wondering if some questions can be submitted in advance in to ensure certain topics are covered.  



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