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  • 10/29/14 07:00PM
  • To Be Determined by group size
  • Free

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Hi all you Rochester-area investors!  

I am planning an investor's meetup on October 29th, and want to see what interest there is out there.  This is entirely free, just a great opportunity to network with some like-minded local investors and meet some awesome people!  

Depending on the amount of interest, I have two venues that are willing to host, both centrally located in Rochester.  Please send me a message if you would like to attend.  As I see how much interest is generated, I will determine which venue will better fit our group size and make a general announcement.

I do plan on putting together one about once per month, it will most likely always be on a Wednesday night from around 7-9pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Yes, I'd probably attend, if day-job travel schedule permits.

Thanks for taking the initiative.

I would attend Rebecca

Not sure if I can make that date but I'm in for future events.

We will be meeting this Wednesday, October 29th at Johnny's Irish Pub (1382 Culver Rd, near Merchants Rd).  There are plenty of great drink specials on Wednesdays! We will be in the area behind the popcorn machine.      There is a parking lot adjacent to the building.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday 7-9pm!

See you there. Thanks Rebecca.

I will be there! And looking forward to this, and glad to see these taking shape in our area! 

Thanks Rebecca & Scott!


thanks @Dave Savage for thinking of me.  I'm out of town this week and won't be able to attend.  Will try for the next one.  

Will be in Rochester in Nov, will like to know if there is a date set for November, so that I can coincide my visit with the meeting

Looking forward to meeting you all in November

Would love to, unfortunately my Wednesday nights are booked!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night!  

And for those who cannot make it-hope to see you at the next one, which we are planning on having the first Wednesday in December, which is December 3rd at Johnny's Irish Pub-so mark it on your calendars now!

 @Rebecca Lebowitz :  Thanks for the December date. Was about to book my ticket earlier. Will forward the visit to coincide. 

See you then in December

Big Thank You to @Rebecca Lebowitz  and @Scott Speer  for a great event tonight!   It was a good turnout and mix of investors.  Looking forward to seeing everyone from BP in Rochester, NY at the December 3rd event.  

@Rebecca Lebowitz  Keep me in the loop.  I've got a lot to learn from all you gurus.  Unfortunately, with kids events and such I couldn't make last night's event.  But kudos to you for putting it together.

I will be home from the service on leave Feb. 16th through March 1st and was wondering if there were any meet ups scheduled between those dates, i'd love to get to know you all!

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