New Kansas City Investment Group Meetup - Are You Interested?

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  • 11/22/14 10:00AM
  • Date, Time, Location TBD
  • Free

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Dear Kansas City BP Members,

Over the last 20 years, I have had the fortunate opportunity to be involved in many facets of real estate investment, all over the country and now internationally.   While single family investment is wonderful, there is so much more to real estate investment.  I have a growing interest in creating a KC investment group to share ideas and opportunities, help each other grow in our knowledge, increase our contacts.  

A very good friend and fellow investor is passionate about stock market investment, and has heavily invested in highly respected educational programs.  He is very successful with his process, and it provides those that are interested another form of diversification.  

I have many individual meetings with local investors, and want to pull us together for greater synergy and benefit.  I invite you to join me at this inaugural meeting, and then we will take it from there.  

When: November (20th or 22nd) - Date and time is dependant on availabiility of responders

Where: Kansas City mid-town area, place TBD based on the number of people interested.

If interested, simply reply to this thread.  Let me know any conflicts on the 20th or 22nd, and I will go with the time and date that best accomodates all who respond.  

I look forward to meeting all of you! 


I'll be moving to Manhattan KS in Nov for the next three years. I know Manhattan is over an hour away, but I  would like to get started in this area ( Manhattan). I'm  also open to other markets .

The 22nd would be great for me!

Either date is great. Just let me know. 

would love to be there too - but I live in Queensland Australia :) My team and I have been trying to do deals in your lovely city KC, MO but keep getting walls, blockages from agents that say they are happy to work with Investors??? So why is it so difficult?? What is the problem?? We have access to cash for flips, wholesaling etc etc but agents aren't being very helpful - don't they want to sell the listings? don't they want the commission?  very frustrated buyer here - would love to hear some of your local gossip - I have full faith in your market as it will continue to grow stronger and stronger and rebound from the GFC that crippled my home business - so now I need to be an investor!  am loving investing have plenty of contacts from Australia etc etc..... cheers Linda J  Have a great meeting :)

I work 8-5 M-F, so the 22nd would be best for this guy.

Date works for me. Just need to know what time.

Thanks everyone.   Looking forward to meeting you.  I am inviting others I know in the KC area as well.  Should be a pleasant meeting.  Basedon the feedback so far, it appears the 22nd is the best date.   I'll get back to you with a time and location.



I am very much interested in joining you all. The 22nd is perfect!

I would love to be able to make it to this ... are we thinking a morning time for this? @dan 

@Dan Brewer  

I would like to attend.  22nd AM is better for me.

When setting a time, please keep in mind some people like Hector Fino will be driving over 2 hours to attend and some, like myself, may have children to contend with early in the morning. Sometime after lunch might be a better time for those people.

Hi everyone, 

Thanks for the interest in this meeting - this will be great.  I'll give this another week or so, then we will finalize a location and time.  I have a couple options, depending on the potential turnout.  One option is in Lenexa, and the 2nd option is up by KCI.  We will plan on November 22nd.  Based on the travel times that Pauline noted, I'm thinking of perhaps a 1:00 meeting.  I personally prefer around 10:00 AM, but its not about me, its about you. Please provide your availability/preferences.  I wil base the time on what is likely to work for the largest percentage of potential attendees.  

The first meeting will be a very caual meet and greet, get to know each other.  We can discuss topics, themes, what would add value to each meeting.  Then we can take it from there. 

Please let me know about times that will work for you on the 22nd. 



Hi everyone, thanks for oyur interest in the group.  Sorry for "going dark" for a period, I have been traveling extensively.  

The meeting will be on the 22nd as planned.  I am considering two times -  10:30 AM, and 1:00 PM.  Please let me know your thoughts on your availability for either time, and then I will go with the time thats most covenient to the entire group.  I'll confirm a location in the nxt couple days as well.  I really arreciate your interest!

@Dan Brewer   Funny...I was just about to ping you about this. :) 10:30 would actually work best for me as I have a couple houses I'm looking at in the afternoon. I live in KCK and the houses I'll be looking at are in Waldo and a little south of there so closer to either of those locations would work best for me. But if something else works better for everyone else I am flexible.

10:30am ... let's make a decision and go with it ... either way, even with 2 hours travel time, you can easily be on the road at 8am and attend, and time to travel back wherever we are heading back "home" ... 

I am unable to make it on Saturday mornings. So maybe next time we can do an afternoon meeting.

Hi everyone, 

Lets plan on meeting at Lamar's Donuts at the KU Edward's campus, 12520 Quivira Road Overland Park, KS 66213. In case you have not been there, its a very large space with several comfortable sitting areas. And if you like donuts, its tough to beat Lamar's!  There is also a Sarpino's Pizza in the same building, which is very good. 

I have a sitting area reserved from 10:00 AM to Noon.  Let's plan on getting together at 10:30, but I'll be there about 10:00 AM. We will conclude for sure by Noon, but I am willing to stay as long as anyone else wishes to stay.  @Pauline Allen , just let me know when you feel you can make it, and I am happy to stay.  

I really look forward to meeting all of you, hopefully you can make it. Sorry for the delay in responding, just been traveling very heavily lately.  I'll do better next time!

Thanks, Dan

Everyone - 

We had a nice first meeting.  Very informal, just perfect.  And as expected, we already have some potential positive connections where the attendees could do business together. Fabulous!

There was unanimous agreement for a followup meeting, so I will hold another one in December.  I'll expand the horizon, invite more people. Since we are getting into the holidays, attendance might be more challenging due to our personal obligations.  For those who can make it, that would be great.  I'm thinking either Saturday AM, the 13th, or Tuesday evening, the 16th.  Let me know your thoughts, and we will go from there!  

The entire focus for these meetings is networking, connections. mentoring, education, and community.  If you like that, then that's great. 

I will also formalize this via, and let you know when that is available.   

Thanks, Dan

Are these meetings still taking place? Possibly on another thread I haven't noticed.

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