Free At Home Webinar With Brian Gibbons and RMLOs - Lease Options, Sub2, Wraps, Installment Sales and Dodd Frank

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  • 11/19/14 06:07PM
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At Home Webinar - Find Profit Solutions for Low Equity Deals - Make $5000 in 10 Hours

I will be focusing on the Home Seller Side of Seller Financing - I will be looking to be brainstorming Low Equity Solutions with 2 awesome RMLOs in California who work with other states as well.

Join me here

Date - 19 Nov 2014 Wends night 

Time - 6 pm PCT - 9 pm EST

I did say free, no pitching? :)

Sign up here -

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We are starting in 10 min !

See you there!

Hi @Brian Gibbons  , I got this error when I tried to open the link above.

You need permission

This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization.

Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.

Yes, I can see the form now.  Thanks!

Oh boy, can anyone play? LOL :)

Hope you keep in mind those issues with charging interest over the rate of any underlying mortgage "assumed", you can easily mess up and let's find some experienced RMLOs with a compliance background who aren't self taught from their 20 hour course as we had here before. That would be great!  :)

I see I missed the party, any transcript of it?

I'm looking for national underwriting RMLOs, really need a national system of underwriting, IMO, just hate seeing investors missing out on SF deals due to compliance issues most can't be comfortable with. :)

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