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To the San Diego folks,

I'm thinking about coordinating a RE meetup in Carlsbad specifically for buy and hold multi family investors. If you already have several properties under your belt, investing locally or even better nationally, I want you part of this meetup. The objectives are to network, share our experience in different markets, share resources, drive and motivate each other, provide support when things get tough, discuss scaling strategies, maximizing your portfolio, and hanging out once a month. Let me know if you're interested. First meeting will be in January.

Count me in!  Looking at your profile it sounds like we have a similar background and goals so I'm sure we would have plenty to talk about. Weekday nights can be hit and miss but I'll try to make it. 

Hi Derek , 

Looks like a good time.

I don't mind driving out there to meet up.  Just let me know when it's going to be.

I'm very interested. I own one 6 unit multifamily, one duplex and a handful of condos. All located in the College Area and fully rented. I'm currently looking for a new multifamily value-add deal in the same area. I'm also interested in hearing different perspectives on investing outside of San Diego, i.e. IE, Phoenix, Central CA, the midwest, etc.

Sounds great.  Of course there are some great REIAs in the county, but a BP-specific group would be awesome!

I'm new to this game and just purchased my first duplex a couple months ago. I would love the opportunity to meet up with investors around the San Diego area!

I am in. I own SFR now and try to get into Multi.

I'm interested. Please let me know when and where?
Robert Hernandez Jr.

I am interested. Let me know when and where.

I'm interested too.

Details of when and where please!

Would love to attend

The first San Diego meet-up will be January 10 to give everyone an opportunity to recover from the holiday. I am trying to keep the first meet-up small, with a focus group of individuals that already have a portfolio of rental real estate. Opening agenda will be:

  • Introduction
  • Current Markets Invested
  • 2014 Returns
  • Markets/Neighborhoods being evaluated for future purchases

Each person will have about 15 minutes (+/-) to get through these topics and introduce themselves. The location is currently TBD, but will probably be somewhere in Carlsbad. The time will be roughly 3-5pm ish Sat afternoon start and I'm thinking a maximum of 2 hours. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up to get this on the calendar. I will contact you individually, but if you're interested send me a message and include your RE background and rough portfolio info.

Thanks and looking forward to the first meet-up,

Derek Petersen

The San Diego Buy and Hold Meetup will be January 17th instead of January 10th. Please contact me for more details.

I am interested. Please provide the details of the meeting.

I'm interested, let me know what time and where.

I'm Interested, I own 4 unit in SD county and looking to grow.

I'm interested.

Not sure if this event occurred but I'm committed to getting another event together for early May. If anyone wants to follow the new thread it is located here.

HI, I am new to the BP.  Has there been another meeting since then?

Thank you for any response

The San Diego Buy and Hold meetup is meeting monthly. Feel free to contact me for more information. We are a group of investors that are actively building our long term portfolios nationally. We have investors focused on residential, 2-4 MF, and apartment investing.

Are these meet ups still happening? thx

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