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Tune in to The Pinnacle Perspective and hear what's going on with Indianapolis.

My guest today is Marty Vanags who is VP of Economic Development and Executive Director for the Indy Partnership. Marty will talk about the economic development and revitalization that has transformed Indianapolis in to an economic powerhouse with a vibrant and diverse economy. If Indy is on your radar for investment you don't want to miss today's show.

Listen on the radio in the SF Bay Area on am 1220 KDOW or streaming on the Internet anywhere at www.kdow.biz.

Saturday, December 7 at 1:00 pm PST

Hear podcasts of the previous Pinnacle Perspective shows at:


Awesome topic and show. If I can't make it to live listening, this will become a podcast for future listening as well right? 

@Coire Fox  (In case you don't have an Indy word alert set up figured you'd want to see this.) 

Thanks for the shout out, Blake. I do have an Indy word alert :) I will be listening in!

@Blake Merrell  

Yes, the podcast will be available after the show and I'll post it here on BP. Marty Vanags is a wealth of information so I encourage you to listen in.

All the best

@mike d'arrigo I wasn't able to catch the live show yesterday. Please let me know when you've posted it to BP.

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