January 15, 2015 - Courtyard Mariott
Networking 5:30—6:45
Buy, Sell, Trade 6:40—7:00
Main Speaker 7:00—8:30
Members-1st time guest FREE
Visitors $15.00

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END 2014 STRONG—AND START 2015 WITH ADDITIONAL KNOWLEDGE ON HOW TO STRUCTURE YOUR DEALS FOR MORE PROFIT. Liz’s real estate accounting, tax, and financial management services help real estate businesses of all sizes with a proven track record to:

What you will learn:

? Reduce expenses and increase your profits.

? Helping you minimize your tax liability.

? Improve internal operations.

? Manage cash flow effectively

? Tax Strategies and tax returns.

? Deal Structuring for maxi

Liz Daniel also works with:

? Commercial construction companies

? Home builders

? Roofing companies

? HVAC businesses

? Remodeling companies

? Drywall businesses

? Plumbers

? Painters

? Electricians

? Masons

? Real estate developers