Charlotte Meetup!! Mar 17th

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Hello all; it's that time again. Time for another Charlotte Meetup. This is a time to learn from one another and hang out with other real estate junkies that are close by. 

Where: Dilworth Neighborhood Grille, 911 E Morehead St, Charlotte, NC 28204

When: March 17th at 7:00pm

We usually meet in the Moorhead room, but that can change as we learned last time. 

We look forward to seeing everyone there. 

haha, @Terri Pour-Rastegar , definitely wear green! 

Nasar, it's hard to structure a meeting of this fashion. If you wish for structure, maybe one of the larger REIA meetings are more your speed. With this small local meetup, it's all about getting to know people in our area and not all of them do the same thing. In fact, a lot of folks don't invest yet, they just enjoy being around those that do and like asking open-ended questions.

I should be there this time.

@Nasar Elarabi @Troy Knight - I think as long as we keep the topic general, I don't see why we can't have a theme or topic to get people started in discussion. We would want it so both beginners and veterans might have something to add.

Just to throw out a couple of ideas... What part of Charlotte do you think will be the "next" area? What has been the most valuable real estate/business book you've read? What is your goal for the next 12 months?

@Troy Knight , @Nasar Elarabi , Hey guys, just a little input from a new guys perspective..

I am fairly new to the area, and plan to begin investing here this year. I started attending REI meetings in Grand Rapids, Mi. last year and really liked the format they used. They began with 15-20 minutes of open socializing, then what they did was go around the room and have everybody introduce themselves, what they do, and give any `Haves & Wants`. For example, they could say what deals they may have currently, or what they are looking for...That way everybody can take notes to see who they may want to pursue further conversation with later. Then they would have maybe a 30 Minute presentation from somebody in a different area of investing each meeting, such as, an investor with a lot of experience, a property manager, a realtor, a banker/PM lender, etc... This format gave both new and experienced investors a great way to get to know the group, learn, and network with a semi-structured format.

@Craig Vandenberg , I like the idea of the "what and haves". We already do the introduction on a regular basis. As far as a presentation, this type meeting is merely for socializing and not necessarily a presentation. We aren't looking to be another REIA in the area as we already have two large ones. Maybe one day we could get in to having monthly meetings and having presentations, but that takes time, money, and other resources that neither myself nor @Chris T. , whom is the other creator of this social hour, have. 

For now, this group is for having beers and hanging out with like minded people with very limited structure. 

Between the other two REIA's in the area, there are more than 10 meetings per month with presentations and structured topic discussion.

Also, Chris, thanks for not standing us up this time. :) 

To expand upon what @Troy Knight stated, this bi-monthly meetup of BP members has had more of a networking focus as opposed to a professional education focus which the two local REIAs already provide.

Troy and myself are just BP members, like everyone else, that have enjoyed networking and putting faces with the names and posts that we read here on BP.  Since we do not collect fees or trying to sell anything, we meet for free at a local restaurant.  That said some times we have been able to have a private room and sometimes we just have a large table in the corner.  This arrangement would not guarantee the ability to have a proper presentation, but is still great for small conversations.

We have tried to make the meetup welcoming to everyone and hopefully beneficial for new and seasoned investors alike.  I know that people have connected for deals, communicate off of BP, and return to the next meetup after attending.  

I hope to see everyone there and hey, maybe we now have a starting topic! (what do we want out of a local BP meetup)

Just a friendly reminder, the next Charlotte Meetup of BP members is tomrrow night at Dilworth Neighborhood Grill at 7pm.  

Please RSVP to this thread if you are planning on attending so we can give an estimate to the restaurant.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing everyone there.

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