HERS: A government mandate that can add thousands to your rehab costs - Worcester MA Black Diamond tonight 4/21

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  • 04/21/15 06:30PM
  • Compass Tavern, 90 Harding Street, Worcester, Ma 01604
  • Free

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Have you budgeted for a rehab only to find out that government programs add thousands to your cost of construction?  Have you heard about HERS but don’t know where and when it applies?  Or who to ask?  Are you wondering if this applies to you?

Gerald Brady is a HERS rater with InfraRed New England, and works with local builders, redevelopers and building inspectors in implementing the Home Energy Rating System in towns that have adopted this new national standard.  He will discuss the requirements, pros and cons of the system, and leave you with a better understanding of how it impacts you and your project.

You will learn:

  • What HERS is and why towns are adopting it (Hint:it involves dollars!)
  • Where it is in effect and where it will be adopted soon
  • What the process is with the rater and the building department
  • What the rating system is and the forecast going forward
  • Tips for dealing with it that will ease the process (and save you bucks!)
  • What rebates and tax credits you can qualify for in the process
  • What happens if your project FAILS?

Gerry will walk us through the process and leave us with some tools to better work with the HERS rating system.Come prepared to take a few notes if you are a builder or renovator working on major rehab projects, or think you might become one.

Who:  All are welcome, no fee to attend, no memberships

What:  Great topics of interest to local investors and the best real estate networking in Massachusetts

Where:  Compass Tavern, 90 Harding St, Worcester, MA

When:  Tuesday April 21, 2015, Networking 6PM, Program starts 6:30PM

@Ann Bellamy

Alas, I am too far away again ... you have the most interesting topics when I'm not working in the area ;-)

I would love to attend as I have several issues with HERS, or more correctly, with the manner in which communities are wielding it.   

While use of HERS has the potential to raise public consciousness of the inefficiency of our historical building stock, more significantly it should illuminate just how inefficient new buildings constructed to {minimum} code compliance are.  

My concerns are, unless substantially rigorous energy efficiency design and building standards are adopted into the building code (Passivhaus, MINERGIE, etc), HERS ratings run the risk of becoming just another yellow label,  to which the public has become more or less numb, much akin to the Energy Star ratings on appliances 

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