Don't Learn Wholesaling From the Gurus - Attend My FREE Talk Next Tuesday, April 28

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  • 04/28/15 06:00PM
  • Hyatt Place - 2750 Greenspoint Parkway Hoffman Estates, IL
  • Free

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Do you want to learn wholesaling?

Don't learn it from the gurus.

They make it sound easy and they promise you'll make a GAZILLION dollars in 30 days.

Wholesaling takes hard work. It takes guts. It takes hustling. And you will make a few thousand dollars in your first deal. 

But wholesaling is fun. It puts quick cash in your pocket. It's how I feed my family.

But why pay the gurus THOUSANDS of dollars when you can learn for FREE?

I am giving a FREE talk on April 28 about wholesaling. I got invited by the Tanis Group Realty to speak to their investment group. They work with investors. And surprisingly, they work with wholesalers (most realty firms view wholesalers as "unlicensed competition").

Whether you're a newbie wholesaler or experienced, you will learn a thing or

1. How to wholesale a HUD deal without needing to do a double close (and no need for transactional funding!) - HUD deals can NOT be assigned

2. The top 3 marketing techniques I use to sell my wholesale deals (and you can use 2 of these techniques to do VIRTUAL WHOLESALING - that is, sell a property you have not even seen because it's thousands of miles from you)


3. How to find off-market deals without spending a dime on marketing

Why am I giving a FREE talk on wholesaling? I am looking for joint venture partners to reach my $1M in 12 months goal

I don't just wholesale properties. 

Right now, I have 3 rehab projects (Antioch, Glen Ellyn and in Villa Park), 1 development project (Ukrainian Village), 2 rent to own deals (Bolingbrook and Plainfield) and several wholesale deals. 

I also lend money too.

I need more projects to work and invest in.

I need an army of wholesalers who will feed me deals. I will co-wholesale some of those deals. I will lend money on a few. I will buy and rehab some of them to re-sell or rent out.

Learn from me. And more importantly, earn from me.

Sign up NOW (click below).

It's FREE.

See you on Tuesday.


P.S. There are only 29 seats left (we reserved 100 seats) so if I were you, I would register NOW. You don't want to miss this because, I am not a guru and I usually don't speak and give seminars!

P.P.S. We cannot accept walk-ins. You got to register using the LINK above.

Hey Wendell!

I've contacted everyone I know about this event. I really don't think those 29 seats are going to be available for long.  As a matter of fact I'm sure that your number of 29 has gone down since this reply. I have my ticket! I'll see you all there.

Thanks again Wendell!

I just got my ticket!! Really looking forward to the knowledge and networking, 28 tickets left means 72 RSVP's, that's a lot of potential partners, leads, deals and MONEY. 

I'm IN! Are you? Excited to meet other investors at this event. I know first hand that Wendell actively does what he 'preaches'. 


@Elpidio Quiballo , @David Perez

 and @Justin Simpkins , thanks for your kind words and confirming your attendance. I found out that there are less than 15 seats left now.

I also got requests from people outside of Chicago if I can get an online version of this.

There is  - but there's a small fee - to be fair to those who will attend LIVE.

Live is FREE but online there's a small fee (less than $10).

For those who want to attend ONLINE, click below:

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