May meeting of South Austin "Coffee Talk" group

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Our May meeting of “Coffee Talk” will feature as guest speakers a real estate investing family, the Radys. They have explored some non traditional areas of investing and identified some basic activities that can result in in serious income by doing exactly the opposite of what many of us have been taught.

I am all ways excited about the chance to learn something new, that can make money, in real estate. Our meeting is open to all so come on down to South Austin and hear some new ideas about investing.

Our May meeting will be Wednesday, May 13, 2015, at 10:00 am in Lynn's conference room. Lynn's office is at 1107 S. 8th. St., Austin, TX, 78704. See you in the conference room.

Many thanks to Lynn for hosting our meeting.

Looking forward to it!

We're slowly posting the videos from the speakers from past meet-ups. This playlist includes:

  • Buying and Managing a Rental Portfolio with @Scott Sutherland
  • Evaluating Land or Tear Down for Spec Home development with Lynn Currie (me!!)
  • Performing Mortgage Notes with Robert Young

Much thanks to the Rady family for sharing their years of insight and experience, as local investors that span three generations here in Central Texas

This was our largest attendance yet! I counted 30 in the room, and the doorways.

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