Richardson / North Dallas Meetup

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  • 06/09/15 06:00PM
  • 75 & Campbell Road - TBD
  • Free

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Hi all,

This is to gauge interest in a meetup for North Dallas / Richardson / Garland / Collin County folks in June. There is a meetup scheduled for May in McKinney.

This will be an informal meeting at either the Fox & Hound on 75 & Campbell or my RE broker has offered his office which is just right behind the Fox & Hound. Just a get to know you and war story swapping.

Who's in?

Tony Hernandez

I'm in Arlington, but I wouldn't mind going and meeting some local investors.

I'd definitely be interested. What are the details of the May meet up in McKinney?

Here is the McKinney thread.

I am interested for June as well. Thanks for setting this up Tony. 

@Tony Hernandez

When you get the details set let us know and I will add this into my calendar.


I would be interested although I cant say I will have any good war stories but I am excellent listener.

I am new to the forum and the investing but it would be great to meet local investors. I am interested.

I've added the event to a Google calendar I created. You can use it to copy to your own calendar.

This one is closer to me I think....will try to make it.

Thanks for setting this up Tony!  I'll try to make this one as well.  For those of you that can make the one in Mckinney on Friday, I'll see you there!

Just a reminder about the networking event on Tuesday... hope to see you there!

Time of Event: 06/09/2015 at 06:00PM
Location: 75 & Campbell Road - TBD (Fox & Hound in Richardson)
Fee to Attend: Free

Looking forward to it.

Anyone else planning on making it?

I'll be there. Looking forward to it.

looking forward to the event. See everyone tonight

Sorry guys I would have loved to attend as I am from Richardson, but I am already meeting people at the Roddy Roundup in Farmers Branch tonight. 

Let me know if you plan on doing this again. Thanks! 

a few of us are here at the fox and hound.  When you come in we are at the first table in the room on the right.

I am in Richardson but will travel to the next meetup. I am so glad you guys are putting this together and so sad we missed June. Do you have a July?

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Here is the information on the next event. I hope this works for most of you!

Wednesday July 15th


Filmore Pub in downtown Plano

Hey guys, looks like I just missed the last meetup. Are there any future ones planned? I'd love to join you at the next session. 

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I would like to join the next meeting.

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