Charlotte Meetup!! Tuesday May 19th at 7:00

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  • 05/19/15 07:00PM
  • Dilworth Neighborhood Grille, 911 E Morehead St, Charlotte, NC 28204
  • Free

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Hello all; it's that time again. Time for another Charlotte Meetup. This is a time to learn from one another and hang out with other real estate junkies that are close by.

Where: Dilworth Neighborhood Grille, 911 E Morehead St, Charlotte, NC 28204

When: May 19th at 7:00pm

We usually meet in the Moorhead room, but that can change as we learned last time.

We look forward to seeing everyone there. 

Thanks Troy!

Hopefully I'll see you guys there this month.


@emery nah its no topic.. just good old fashioned networking... 

We aren't quite a REIA yet and don't have any plans of becoming one. We just like talking about real estate. It's a great chance for real estate cats in Charlotte and surrounding areas like Lake Norman and Gaston County to meet like minded people.

Hey Troy, it looks like Valerie and I will come. I'm checking with my son who might as well. I really enjoyed the last one.


I plan on being there. I have a listing appointment at 4:00 so as long as that doesn't run long I will be there.

Hey Everyone, it doesn't look like the Meetup will happen this week. Sorry everyone. We will be sure to post up with plenty of headsup next time. 

See you guys there!

@Troy Knight did this meetup ever happen?  If not, is it happening soon?  Thanks!

Hey Dave,

This one did not happen. We haven't rescheduled yet. I believe we will reschedule it for the first week of July, but that's not certain yet. 

Thanks @Troy Knight .  FYI we have a craft beer bar opening in the South End area of Charlotte this month (full food menu too), and could host the meeting next month, if you guys want to mix up the venue.

^^ love it!

Dave, are you part of the "We" or are you just saying there is a new bar? The reason we like Dilworth Grille is the fact that we normally get a room to ourselves which makes it far easier to chat with everyone instead of being confined to a booth in the corner which is how we started. We are always open to Suggestions though. 

@Dave Hurt as Troy was saying if you are part of the "WE" then I'm always down to support a local business and if the space is accommodating (as mentioned some type of moderately private space) to our group then by all means we could mix it up.

@Troy Knight and @Jasmine S. yes I am part of the "we", as in I am opening the bar with business partners.  Although we unfortunately don't have a room that can be reserved (it's an open floor plan) may not be ideal but I did want to at least throw it out there as a possibility.

What's the name of the place and when is it opening? I'd love to come check it out and craft beer are my weakness. 

@Dave Hurt I second @Troy Knight 's sentiments good food and craft beer are my first loves. What the name a location I'll come check you out just for general purposes!!!

@Troy Knight and @Jasmine S. most definitely!  It is called The Brass Tap and will be opening sometime around June 22 (sorry I'm not allowed to 'announce' an exact  opening date until ABC hands over our license, else they slap me with a nice little fine).  Please reach out when/if you plan on stopping by!

@Troy Knight How do I get on the 'we' list? 

Hey Jeffrey, 

We don't technically have a list. If you have "Charlotte" set as a keyword on here, then you'll receive a notification once I post again. I'll be sure to post here with a link to the new page when we schedule the next meetup which will likely be the first or second Tuesday of July. 

Hi Dave,

Where is the bar located?  Always looking for a new place to go.  I live in Providence.  

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