Hagerstown, MD & Frederick, MD - New meet up, anyone?

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  • 06/23/15 11:20AM
  • Hagerstown
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Anyone interested in a meet up in Hagerstown, MD? Looking for investors who are geared towards the Hagerstown/Frederick/Martinsburg (WV) area. Let me know if you are interested.


I am interested!

I am interested

@Mike Webb I'd be interested although would have a hard time meeting up during the day

I'm in!

I would be interested, especially if closer to the Frederick area.  Thanks

Sounds like we have some interest! Awesome. By no means is this to replace a REIA or really mimic one. This could just be a informal place to grab a drink or something to eat and discuss local real estate investing, bounce questions and/or ideas of each other.

I'm heading out of town next week but perhaps we could get something set-up after that. Does anyone have an idea on a venue that would cater to this type of event?

@Mike Webb

 It doesn't seem like there are will be a huge group so probably any restaurant will do. We could always get a large table in the back room at Supreme Buffet on Dual Hwy. or something like that.

@Beth L.  yes I am. Sorry, had a few family items that came up and slightly diverted attention from some of these projects. We are tentatively planning for 6/25 at 6 pm. Location is yet to be determined but I was leaning towards somewhere like Bulls n' Bears. How does this sound to everyone?

@Mike Webb I'll let you know for sure but an evening meeting might be difficult since I have a family. A lunch meeting would be better for me. I'll be in touch.

Any chance a guy in Winchester VA can come? We do not have any REI meet ups or investor groups around here. Would love to meet other investors to meet and talk to.

A daytime meeting would work better for me as well.

Sounds like a lunch meeting is going to be preferred...might have to change the date in that case.

How is Monday the 29th at say noon? Also, if anyone is familiar with how to set-up a "meet up" on another site, i'm all ears. this method seems to be a bit cumbersome.

I would be interested if it were in Frederick, but that is about the northernmost part of the state I get to. I live in Rockville, but invest in Frederick.

@Mike Webb www.meetup.com is a great free place to set up meetings. I use it to find tennis groups, but I know there is investor activity there too.

One benefit of meetup is that all members get notified of meeting updates/changes, etc.

This post is old but it anyone is still putting together meet ups I am interested.

Me as well.

I would also like to attend a local hagerstown meetup as well. 

Wow. This is an old post but I'd love to find a meetup in this area. Please keep me updated!


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