Denver Small Landlord Meetup

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  • 06/08/15 06:00PM
  • Sm Conf Rm-Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzalez Public Library- 1498 Irving St, Denver, CO 80204
  • Free

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This is located on Colfax just west of I25. It has easy access and is centrally located.

I've been doing this by myself for several years and have decided I would like to connect with other local landlords so I'm starting a local meetup geared toward landlords.

This will hopefully be a monthly meeting on the 2nd Monday evening. It will be geared toward the small landlord.

Come join us!

There will be a short (15 min) presentation related to landlording and self managed property management followed by a time of introductions (1-2 min each) and then the balance of the time will be for networking.

For this meeting the presentation will focus on data regarding the future of rents in the Denver market.

What a great idea.  I so wish I could go, but this conflicts with another monthly meeting I'm already committed to.

Have fun!

Great idea!  Hoping I can make it down.

Sounds cool, I'll see if I can make it after work!

I can't make this one, but I'll put the next one on my calendar! Thanks for organizing this. 

@Bill S. Any RSVP requirements? or just show up?

Nice - going to try to make it!

just a reminder. Denver landlords. tonight is the night.

Thanks for hosting the meeting Bill!- it was a lot of good information and an outstanding presentation! The info was timely as we are in the process of sending out several Lease renewals with rent increases. It was nice to go to an event with other landlords from the area. I look forward to the next meet up! 

It was really good to meet you and I enjoyed the conversation with both you and Martin.

@Bill S.  I can't seem to find the newest thread on upcoming meetings. Do you have a recent schedule? Thanks

@Kyle Doney I made a new post for 2016. Here it is. We are taking next month off. I also have it on if you want to look there in the future.

Darn, missed last nights! Will be at the next one. 

Any 2017 meet ups?

@Pat Sanchez yes. You can go over to and find it. I will post the 2017 schedule on BP shortly as well.

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