First Ever North Denver, Colorado July 1st Meetup

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  • 07/01/15 06:00PM
  • The Old Mine - 500 Briggs Street, Erie, CO 80516
  • Free

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With their being a lack of options to gather for those of us stuck in between Denver and Loveland it was time for a new gathering. The meeting place is just a few minutes off of I25 or 287.  If you live in one of the following areas or anywhere for that matter stop by and meet some great people.

Erie, Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, Lafayette, Louisville, Frederick, Firestone, Dacono. Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn, Brighton

The Old Mine has offered to extent happy hour pricing to all participants. Happy hour is $1 off drafts, pizza and sandwiches. They brew their own cider and carry lots of different beers and some wines as well. 

The event is to get together and begin making some connections in the local area. No pitching will be made. Introductions can be done to get things started, but after that get your chatting shoes on. 

Just as a side note. For anyone who gets overwhelmed at these events come talk to me first. It can be difficult to network with strangers so I am willing to help start the conversation.

The plan is to extend this meetup to every month. The planned date will be the first Wednesday of each month as follows.

July 1st

August 5th

September 2nd

October 7th

November 4th

December 2nd

I love the old mine, and know the owner.  Wish I got up to Erie more often to enjoy it!

Way to get things started Dan!  I'll come up and help kick off the first one, sounds like fun.

@Anson Young - Do you know John or Mike? You could use this as an excuse to come up! Maybe @Micki M. - Great!


I'd love to go, just as an excuse to get up to old mine... and real estate?  Awesome!

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You can add "Berthoud" to your list!   I'm also planning to attend.   It's great to see northern Colorado having it's own meeting and agenda. 

@Earl McFarland -Just because we like open space and have more room to spread out makes people think we're less involved :-). Weld county is on the top of the list for growth so people will to flock here soon enough.

Just one last post to remind folks of this first meetup. If you're from northern Colorado come and join us this Wednesday at 6. 

Dang it.  I'm in Denver for work and totally would have attended this had I found this post earlier (and had a car and the night off of work).  Bummer.

Hey everyone, 

I missed the July meeting but I'll try and attend the August event. Did many attend the July meet up? 

I live in Louisville right now but I'll be relocating to Erie in the fall. 

Looking forward to meeting you all. 

@Loren Whitney the turnout was good for the first one. We had about a dozen people and everyone had some good conversation. Next one is August 5th. Nice to hear someone else is moving to Erie. If you want to grab a drink at all let me know.

I'll be renovating a place of my own on August 5th and can't make it but someone on my team will be there to check it out! Looking forward to joining in soon. Cheers.

Is the meetup still happening for Sept 2nd?

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