Scott Carson is putting on his next four day Non-Performing Note (NPN) education bootcamp in Houston, TX from Thursday June 25, 2015 to Sunday, June 28, 2015. 

I have personally attended two of them, and I am in his Note Investor Mastermind Group. Scott teaches you how the 3 F's of Note Investing, How to Find, Fund, and Flip 1st lien NPN's from banks and hedge funds across the country. Just the first day, Scott shows you how to source notes direct from the source.

Day two he shows you how he gets his deals funded, and then how to exit with up to 10 exit strategies. No BS, no junk, just solid information on how to buy notes.

If you are in the Houston area, or not, you can still travel here, this is all meat and no fluff. Be prepared for a no-holds barred, highly charged full contact event. 

If you want to learn about 1st position NPN's, learn from the Note Worthy 2014 Educator of the Year, Mr. Scott Carson.

Click this link to register: Note Buying For Dummies Boot Camp, Houston Texas

Scott Carson has been buying and investing npn's on properties all across the United States since 2007 and a full time real estate investor since 2004. Scott will bring in several hedge fund managers, along with working on actual available note deals in class so that students/investors have the opportunity to learn first hand, and on how to "Turn Problem Properties Into Profitable Solutions" for their own investments.

He has been an active real estate investor since 2001. His firm, Inverse Investments LLC, is an Austin, TX based note buying firm that specializes in buying defaulted notes and REO's from banks and hedge funds on residential and commercial properties across the United States.

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