Boise Investor Group -July 9th "IRA's-Creating Financial Freedom Through Real Estate"

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  • 07/09/15 06:30PM
  • TitleOne Title Corp. - 1940 S. Bonito Way Meridian
  • $10.00

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The focus of this monthly meetup will be: IRA's- Creating Financial Freedom in Real Estate. Presented by Jon Galane, CEO of Mountain West IRA. Jon will cover the unique benefits and process of using IRA's to fund real estate transactions, and will share expertise on the economic trends affecting today's marketplace.  

Our featured vendor will be Stuart Hyndman with Hyndman Insurance.

The latest Treasure Valley real estate market stats will be shared, along with plenty of tips, tricks, and deals.  

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn and grow this Summer!  

At our monthly events we host panels, round-tables, and guest speakers who are experts in their fields, providing insightful and current information for attendees. In addition, BIG meetings are an essential tool to assist with building a comprehensive team for individual investors. BIG strives to provide its members with the latest, up-to-date information on investing. BIG has built relationships with some of the top professionals in the industry who provide our members with information crucial to being successful in SW Idaho real estate investing. We strive to be a one-stop-shop of resourceful information for the novice to the experienced Real Estate Investor.

Reminder:  Meeting is tomorrow night!  Look forward to seeing some new Idaho investors there, as well as familiar faces.   Should be great content! 

Is there a way you can broadcast online on say...via UStream to target out of town people? I think you would have better turnouts as I would have loved to attend through a live stream. Just a thought.....thanks

This monthly meeting will be filled with a lot of good info about leveraging your IRA's in RE investing and will be one of the Boise Investor Groups' best meetings to date.

@Tony Banawa - Really cool thought!  I agree - there is fabulous content often available at meetings like ours, and that would be a great benefit to others.  We will let you know if something transpires with it.  

Looking forward to hearing about it in the future, Jonna.

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