Pacific NW Real Estate Meetup - South Sound Edition - July 10th

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  • 07/10/15 07:00PM
  • Lakewood, WA
  • Free

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 It's time for another South Sound Edition of the PacificNW Real Estate Meetup, where we bring online interactions into the real world. Let's get together to meet fellow BP members, build some relationships and have some great food and drinks.

Like last time, please head over to and register, seating is limited. The venue also want's a head count to determine whether they need extra staff on hand to serve us.


Lakewood, Olympia, Lacey,  Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Bonny Lake, Puyallup, Federal Way, Auburn, Kent, Burien, Aberdeen, Montesano, and the rest of Washington State.

Hey BP Nation... We would love to see you this Friday for our local Meetup of fellow BP members... It is at the Ram in Lakewood at 7. 

Come on out and meet your fellow's a great way to network, get help and even make a deal.

Please head over to our Meetup page and RSVP so we know your coming and the Ram can make sure they have enough people on hand to take care of us:)

Tomorrow Night!?! And here I am heading out Camping again this weekend?!  I better make sure I check my camping schedule for August because the Ram in Lakewood is a great place to meet, and there's so much activity in Pierce County!  All of those Tacoma people are killing it on Flips and There's cashflow to be had too!

Where is the Vancouver meet up! 

I plan to attend I'll try to remember to do the meetup link later. 

Vancouver!?!  Bah no one lives down there!  And no one really wants to travel down there.  Maybe, just maybe though someone might talk some of our Oregon People into doing like a Saturday panel.  

Originally posted by @Elliot Smith:

Where is the Vancouver meet up! 

 I'm down to do a Vancouver meet up.

We should set one up!

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