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This Thursday, please join us at the Giant in Camp hill mall. CARPOA is a local REI organization that meets on the first thursday of the month to network, discuss local economic changes, laws, and how to become a better investor.

I am very excited to announce our meeting topic will be about Tax assesements and how to lower your taxes.  We will be joined by a panel of 3 experts in the field, David Lanza (Local real estate attorney), Don Steele (appraiser/investor), and @David Krulac from podcast 82.  We could not ask for a more professional, experienced panel in the area.  Networking will take place from 6-7.  The meeting will following.  Carpoa will also be supplying refreshments.  This is a great opportunity for seasoned and new investors to become more familiar with our local community.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Central PA


Dauphin county

new cumberland county




@Christian Bors

I'm looking forward to joining a panel with an attorney and an appraiser, it my honor.

David Krulac

Bigger Pockets Podcast #82

Just as a reminder, we will also be giving gifts away such as Home depot gift card, carbon monoxide detector etc....

Networking at 6, meeting starts at 7.  

See you guys tomorrow!

@David Krulac absolutely

Food, drinks, gift cards, house detectors and 3 experts on tax appeals. This might be better then the debate hahaha.

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