The Science of Finding Deals - Part 5: Learn Real Estate Negotiations

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  • 08/12/15 08:00PM
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BP members ask me: "How can you find these good deals, Wendell?"

My answer: "You got to boil down finding deals into a science."

Part of the Science of Finding Deals is MAKING the deal happen through good NEGOTIATION. In Part 5 of this forum/blog series that I launched exclusively here on Biggerpockets, I will interview 3 real estate investors. No matter what your experience level, you will learn a negotiation tactic or two from these 3 investors I am interviewing.

One of them, a beginner, named Jim (from Plainfield IL) was able to negotiate his way to buying a house (his FIRST DEAL!) for BELOW what the seller paid for. The seller paid $208,000 for the house IN 2013. Jim was able to persuade the seller to sell the house to him for only $149,000 (the property is worth $240K). Find out how he did it by attending the FREE webinar on August 12 at 8 PM CST.

Here's the link and how you can join:

The second investor I am interviewing is "Mr. J" (from Chicago IL). He is the youngest person I am interviewing - he is only 24 years old. What's cool about him is that he was able to buy a house for $1. Not $1 downpayment. But $1 sales price. Not only that, but he is also an excellent negotiator when selling properties. He has sold properties for 100% of his asking price - almost all the time. Mr J. is an intermediate-level investor - he has bought and sold about 10 houses in less than 12 months.

The third and the most experienced investor I am interviewing is Garrett from Cincinnati, Ohio. Garrett has been investing since 2005 and has done over 100 deals. He is so good in negotiations - like Mr J, he has bought properties for $1 too and he even knows how to make money on properties he does not buy. I want to find out more what this powerful and unique strategy is so listen in as I "grill him" about it.

You might be wondering: why am I interviewing these real estate investors and why are they willing to share their secrets with BP Nation?

We are looking for BPers who want to help us find deals. By sharing with you what we know, my hope is when you encounter deals that you've heard us do - you will get our help so we can do the deals together. More deals mean more money for us...and YOU.

This webinar is totally FREE and there's no UPSELL during the webinar. 

These real estate investors I am interviewing are NOT gurus. They don't have a home study course to sell. They just want to do more deals.

To learn how to negotiate and do more deals, sign up below:

Thanks and see you on Wednesday, August 12, 8 PM CST.


P.S. There are only 22 seats available so join early on Wednesday, August 12, 8 PM CST.

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Account Closed looks like a great event 

Originally posted by @Joe Fairless :

@Wendell De Guzman looks like a great event 

 Joe, one of these days I will interview you too as to how you bought so millions of dollars worth of apartment buildings starting with almost nothing

Share with us your "jedi-negotiation tactics."


By the way guys and gals of BP Nation, this webinar is tonight, 8 PM CST.

Account Closedsounds like fun 

In 20 minutes, my interview will start. I am super excited to interview these master negotiators.

In 8 minutes, I am going to interview these real estate negotiators

Those of you who missed my interview last night, here's the recording:

Account Closed Thank you so much for this series.  Your Mind map is exactly what I have been working on creating.  Are you making this available?  

Thanks again!

Scott Rist

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