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Finding deals is crucial to success in the life of a real estate investor. I've never met a successful real estate investor who has not made finding deals into a repeatable system. Maybe one can get lucky finding a good deal or two. In bowling, an amateur can luckily strike once or twice but the pro's are the ones who can bowl a strike 5 times in a row or...once in a while, score a perfect game and bowl 12 strikes in a row. The successful real estate investor strikes many times in a row, consistently. Month in and month out, the successful real estate investor finds a good deal.

The key is consistently finding good deals.

How do you find good deals consistently?

Have you boiled it down to a science?

Only science can produce repeatable results.

Donald Trump has his book "Art of the Deal". Art is not repeatable. Science is.

In this 1-day seminar you will finally learn The Science of Finding Deals. More specifically, you will learn:

1. The concept of Lead Pipelines - once you master and implement this concept, you do NOT seek out deals - they come to you. The most successful real estate investors have multiple lead pipelines and they do not work that hard to find deals. They get leads with minimal effort.

2. The importance of knowing & having MULTIPLE Entry and Exit Strategies - part of being able to buy MORE deals than the average investor is knowing multiple entry and exit strategies. Most investors know only 1-2 entry (how to buy properties) and exit (how to profit from properties) strategies. For example, investors know how to buy a property cheap using cash (their own or other people's cash like a hard money loan) - so that's one entry strategy. Then they will rehab and resell that property (that's one exit strategy). If that's all you know, you can make some money but your deals will be very limited. On the other hand, I will teach you my specialized entry and specialized exit strategy in today's market that nets me over $50K profit on a $150K house! Rehabbers don't know this strategy and that's why they struggle to find deals in this market!

3. How to Compete on the MLS to Find GOOD Deals - they say that the MLS is the worst place to find deals. I agree and disagree. It's hard to find deals on the MLS because you have to compete with amateurs and hedge funds who bid up prices to ridiculous levels. It's hard to compete with "stupid money". However, when you attend this seminar, you will learn 5 strategies to out-smart your competition and you'll end up with GOOD deals before they do.

I'm convinced! Sign up HERE.

4. How to Analyze Deals in 5 Minutes or Less - most newbie investors get paralyzed analyzing deals and they don't make offers. That's why they get stuck and their real estate investment does not get off the ground. Stop the analysis paralysis. You will learn 5 powerful spreadsheets that will:

a. Calculate the repairs for you. With our Repair Calculator, all you need is to click "Yes" or "No" per every repair item, put in some other information about the house and in a few seconds, you will know the repair amount (close enough to what a GC will tell you). We've beta-tested this with all our rehab projects and the repair calculator is 90% accurate.

b. Rehab Profit Analysis - this analyzes your rehab project and let's you know exactly what to offer for a rehab opportunity.

c. Cashflow Analyzer - this analyzes rental properties and gives you cap rates, cash-on-cash return and let's you know what your monthly cashflow will be based on your acquisition price and repairs.

d. Development Analyzer - this analyzes a piece of land and tells you in a few seconds, how much you should pay for this piece of land to develop it and build a house on it. We consulted a developer to come up with this powerful calculator.

e. Rent to Own Decision Maker - this powerful spreadsheet will analyze a deal and will tell you whether doing rent to own makes more sense (vs. fix-n-flip or fix-n-rent). Hedge funds are into rent to own now - once you see the profit you can make per deal using our Rent to Own Decision Maker, you will understand why.

I want those calculators - so I will sign up NOW.

5. How to Negotiate Using "Hypnotic" Techniques - negotiation is a crucial skill that every investor needs to know. How well you negotiate will determine how successful you are in converting those leads (from your lead pipelines) into deals that will put tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket. Attend this seminar and learn from our youngest Vice President of Acquisition - how he learned to out-negotiate even the older and more experienced real estate investors he talks with.

6. How to Make Money On Properties You Don't Even Buy - Our special guest - who is one of the most successful real estate investor from Cincinnati Ohio - will talk about how he makes $5,000, $10,000 or more every week on properties he does not even buy and close on. It's weird (unusual) but perfectly legal and you can do it too.

7.How to Make Money in ANY Real Estate Market - our HOT real estate market can change for the worse (and could become even HOTTER). As someone who made money when the market was going up (2004 to 2007) and learned how to make money even when the market was going down (2008 to 2010), I know the exact exit strategies you need to have in each market. You will also know how to anticipate changes in the real estate market so you will prepare accordingly and make money when other investors around you are losing money and getting out of business!

8. How to Get a Business Line of Credit for Up to $150,000 - we've invited 2 special guests who will talk about how you can get up to $150,000 business line of credit. It's unsecured so you can use it for whatever purpose - including using it as your EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT or use it to bid at auctions. After you attend this seminar, not only will you have the knowledge on how to find and buy good deals, you will also have the MONEY to do so.

You might be wondering - why are we sharing so much information at such a cheap price? Gurus charge thousands of dollars in their seminars and they don't share even half of the information you are about to learn in The Science of Finding Deals.

Here is the answer: WE WANT YOU TO HELP US FIND GOOD DEALS. We have over $1.5M in excess fund and credit lines right now that we need to utilize to find as many good deals as we can get our hands on.We are also getting more cash from more investors who want to JV with us.

Also, if you're not from Chicago, we want to JV with you to expand our real estate operations nationwide, specifically our proprietary HUD acquisition system.

Unlike the gurus - we do NOT make our money with our seminars (proof: there are very limited number of tickets for sale). We make money with deals. We make money doing JOINT VENTURES with other investors - experienced or newbie investors alike. The seminar fee is just there to pay for the venue, the food and the expenses of putting a 1-day seminar like this.We deliberately want to keep this seminar small so we can network with all the attendees and establish relationships which hopefully, will lead to JV opportunities.

We believe you will learn so much from this seminar that at the end of the whole day, if you're not satisfied with what you've learned, we will REFUND your seminar fee no questions asked. That's how confident we are that the information you will learn here will help you find and buy MORE deals this year!

Sign up NOW before all the tickets are GONE. There are ONLY 7 tickets LEFT for the "Early bird" (after that, the price doubles)!!!

See you soon!


This sounds awesome! Will there be a Webinar version also? I am not sure I will be able to be actually attend at location. 

Originally posted by @Daniel Wetherill :

This sounds awesome! Will there be a Webinar version also? I am not sure I will be able to be actually attend at location. 

 Yes Daniel, there will be a webinar version. You will also get the recording of the event.

Here's the link again to sign up. There are only 2 seats left at $97. After that, the price doubles:

If you like The SCIENCE OF FINDING DEALS BP forum posts and blog, you will LOVE this seminar. There are only two tickets left before the ticket price DOUBLES!

Sign up HERE:

So what's the Science of Finding Deals? Click on each part to click on the links to my posts here on BP:

Part 1 - How to Never Run out of Real Estate Leads By having LEAD PIPELINES

Part 2 - How to buy houses that other investors can't by Having MULTIPLE ENTRY AND EXIT STRATEGIES

Part 3 - How to get Deals ON the MLS (and compete with BIG money - the Hedge Funds and "stupid money" - the newbies who watch too many flip shows on TV)

Part 4 - How to analyze deals -and never get stuck with "Analysis Paralysis"

Part 5 - How to Negotiate and Get Great Deals (webinar and I just posted the video recording of the webinar)

Part 6 - The 4 Market Phases and How to Make Money In Any Market (coming soon next week)


Part 7 - How to Make Money on Houses You Don't Even Buy (coming soon)

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