No Money Down Lease Option Strategies

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  • 08/20/15 07:00PM
  • Emerald Coast Convention Center, 1250 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE, FWB, FL 32548
  • Free

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“No Money Down Lease Option Strategies”

-August 20th, 2015 @ 7 pm, Emerald Coast Convention Center –


Lease option investing is one of the most powerful, yet often under-utilized, no-money-down strategies available to creative real estate investors. Lease options have been used for DECADES by savvy investors to control properties (and PROFIT from them) without ever taking ownership, thus reducing risk exposure and increasing overall rates of return.

At this month’s PIG meeting, you’ll learn how one of the republican presidential candidates launched his BILLION DOLLAR real estate empire (can you guess which one?) with an option he negotiated in New York. You’ll also learn:

—>> How I Turned a $65 Thrifty Nickel Ad into $33,000 in Just 3 Days with Lease Options!

—>> How to Use Lease Options to Buy Houses with NO MONEY DOWN, No Credit Checks, and No Income Verification!

—>> How to Build a RENTAL Portfolio, and Earn HUGE Monthly Passive Cash Flow, All with Houses You DON’T OWN!

—>> How to Use Lease Options to Increase Profits & Reduce Taxes on Each & Every REHAB Deal!

—>> When to Sell on Lease Option, When to Owner Finance, and When to RUN!

This is one of those meetings you will KICK YOURSELF for missing, so don’t make sure you stop what you are doing right now, and MARK THIS DATE ON YOUR SMART PHONE CALENDER! The next PIG meeting is right around the corner, August 20th in Destin/FWB. Don’t miss it!

This meeting is free for all 1st time visitors and members, so INVITE A FRIEND, and come join us! Directions & Maps Available at the Links Below:

Map to Destin/FWB Meeting Facility

Lease Options can be a great strategy for generating income and building wealth. I have done several.  Why without money? Why no money down?  Anyone not willing or not able to put their own money where their mouth is has great potential to harm sellers and our reputation as investors.  If one has no money - that is a symptom of other things.  Go to work!  Budget and cut out non-essentials!  Thanks!

I would l LOVE to be a part of this meeting!!!

Maybe I can speak sometime as I love that area!!!

Hope the meeting is AWESOME!!!!!!

CAN anyone tell me are there any good books on lease options?

I would like to learn about them.



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