Raleigh Durham NC Deal Maker Sessions

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  • 09/14/15 07:00PM
  • Cambria Suites Hotel, 300 Airgate Boulevard, Morrisville, NC
  • Free

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For those in The Triangle (Raleigh Durham), feel free to attend our Triangle Deal Maker Sessions. This is a free event held the first Monday of every month (September 2015 will be the second Monday because of Labor Day). This is a group that gets together to buy and sell discounted properties (residential). Each presented has five minutes to present. Most use powerpoint but that's not required. It's not an auction. Feel free to check out details on FaceBook--type in Deal Maker Sessions. Or, you can contact me directly. There are NO guru's, speakers, or products/services being sold. We have a great mix of attendees in terms of interests and real estate experience, and usually a diverse range of properties being presented.

This sounds like a great forum to share and get info out there for each other, I will be there!
Where are these meetings held?

@Adam Schneider Do we have to let you know in advance if we will have a deal to present? 

I looked on Facebook but it has not been updated since March and has no information


Is this the correct place to look?  (note: I don't use Facebook so maybe I can't find it, I just googled)

Hello Adam,

 Lucia John Here I will attend like to be at this meeting, looking forward to networking and learning new things to get me off and running. Thank you

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