Meetup in Waterloo / Cedar Falls Iowa

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Our next meeting is this coming Thursday, Sept 3.  As always it is at 6:00pm at Pizza Ranch in Cedar Falls.

This month we are starting a new platform that will be used occasionally at our meetings.

Have you ever debated with yourself whether you should buy Single Family, Small Multifamily, Large Multifamily?  What about Commercial or Retail...?  Well, come debate with us.  Or sit in on the debate of others.  This is, of course, a friendly debate among like-minded investors.  But since many of us are passionate about our industry, we often have quite a lively group!

Come and take a side and we all will learn from each other's vantage point.  

Join us in the 'Real Estate' Party Room!

Hi Chase -- Would love to come to one of your meetings. I live in Mason City so wouldn't be too difficult to get there. My wife and I are also primarily buy and hold investors with 15 properties so far. However, we are venturing into flipping and just finishing up our 3rd flip. I don't think I'll be able to make this month's meeting--just too much going on next week. I am a school teacher for my regular job and my wife is getting into the distressed furniture business and selling at flea markets. Life is far from dull! Hope to meet you soon!


Originally posted by @Mark Nolan :

I will inform our retirement account holders in the surrounding area who invest their retirement funds directly in real estate.

 I would appreciate that Mark!  Our group has been growing and every member brings a new perspective that adds to the group. 

Thanks Mark!