Sacramento MeetUP

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  • 09/16/15 10:40AM
  • Sacramento
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I'll just throw my date ideas out here - the week of October 5 or October 26 would work best for me.  Those are the weeks I'm least likely to go out of town, really hoping to make it to the meeting.

I'm still pretty new with biggerpockets. Been listening to the bp podcasts and became a fan. I own 5 sfr rentals currently and hoping to get into more.

Let me know the meetup dates and I'll make it if I'm not out of town.

Just an update - I won't able to make it October 16-29, hoping the meetup if one of the other days if it happens in October :)

Just saw this and am new in the Sacramento area.  Has a date been finalized yet?  Would be great to meet a bunch of local investors.

Hey @Al Williamson ,

We all want to know when the meeting is.  I just have a great offer on one of my properties I can't wait to talk about so let's get this scheduled.  It's October.

Ah, here it is. Thank goodness for keyword alerts! I'll be there.

Originally posted by @Al Williamson :

Alright! Sacramento MEETUP,

Thursday, October 22, 2015

at Capsity,

2572 21st Street,

Sacramento, 95818

6:00pm to 8:00pm

I was really looking forward to go. But that's the one day I can't make that week. Hope to make the next one.