“Lease Option Strategies, Pt. 3 – Selling w/Lease Options”

-October 13th, 2015 @ 7 pm, Pensacola Bay Center –

Lease option investing is one of the most powerful, yet often under-utilized, no-money-down strategies available to creative real estate investors today. Lease options have been used for DECADES by savvy investors to control properties (and PROFIT from them) without ever taking ownership. This helps reduce your overall risk exposure and increases overall rates of return…which we all love!

At this month’s PIG meeting, we’ll be continuing our series on lease option investing, and diving into some of the numerous strategies you can use when SELLING on lease option that will help ensure your deal is a huge success! These techniques can be used on sandwich lease options, or on homes you already own. At this workshop, you’ll learn:

—>> How I Turned a $65 Thrifty Nickel Ad into $33,000 in Just 3 Days with Lease Options!

—>> The Important Elements of a Lease Option Contract to Sell…Including the CROSS DEFAULT Clause

—>> One Important Question to Get Bigger Down Payments on EVERY Deal

—>> How to Use Lease Options to Increase Profits & Reduce Taxes on Each & Every REHAB Deal!

—>> When to Sell on Lease Option, When to Owner Finance, and When to RUN!

This is another meeting that will be WELL WORTH your time to attend, so take a quick second and MARK THIS DATE ON YOUR SMART PHONE CALENDER! The next PIG meeting is right around the corner, October 13th in Pensacola. Don’t miss it!

This meeting is free for all 1st time visitors and members, so INVITE A FRIEND, and come join us!

Directions & Maps Available at the Links Below:

Map to Pensacola Meeting Facility