For NEWBIE investors in the Worcester MA area!!

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Hi Everyone!

I just started a meetup for NEWBIE investors that I wanted to promote on here. This meetup is designed for newer investors only. The hopes is to have a group where we can all meet up and grow in this business together, form partnerships, and not be afraid to ask "stupid" questions since chances are everyone else is thinking the same thing you are!

I am an event planner in my "past life" and looking to be a real estate investor full time! Old habits die hard and I saw a hole in the events here. I was always too intimidated to open my mouth and talk real estate with all the more experienced investors at the REI meetings. I realized the only time I felt secure about it was when I was with newbies at my seminars! That is why I formed this group!

I will be starting a closed facebook group for members to share deals and network in between meetings! My goal is to have a monthly networking event with great food and really amazing content! I WILL NEVER BE SELLING ANYTHING ... the cost of the event will be to cover the venue, dinner and open bar that will be provided! 

I am working on the lineup for my first event but join the group if you are interested! Date will be November 16th in the Sterling, MA area.

Looking forward to it!

Has your location been decided upon?  It doesn't appear in your comments via the link provided although you mention finding a venue without a name.

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