Bellevue, WA - Learn the Power of Zero with Chris McClatchey

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10/22 - Chris McClatchey - Main Meeting
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Where: Bellevue Red Lion Hotel
When: Thursday, October 22, 2015
Doors Open: 6:00pm

Hey Bigger Pockets Community!
REAPS is hosting Chris McClatchey as our guest speaker this week in Bellevue, WA. We’d love to have you join us. Our meetings are FUN and full of over 200 members doing deals around the Seattle area. If you have never attended one of our main events then please be our guest for free to your first meeting! Just register online and use promo code “bigger” at checkout. Here’s the link:

(The Exclusive Real Estate Millionaire System)

Real Estate investing is suppose to lead to extra cash, provide you with extra time and create massive amounts of wealth to free you from the financial pressures of everyday life.

The challenge is you don’t have any leads…. you’re not doing any deals… and you’re frustrated with all of the competition from other investors.

Let Chris McClatchey walk you through his proven system to get as many leads that will turn into as many deals as you can handle without any competition from other investors!
• Tired of a lack of inventory on the MLS?
• Tired of being in Multiple-Offer Situations?
• Tired of not getting any Deals?

Take the press off! Chris will show you:

  • How you can find deals with “No Money Down.”
    • How you will find leads other investors can’t.
    • How you can put thousands of dollars in your pocket at closing.
    • The strategies that will get you properties FREE & CLEAR in a few years.
    • How you can communicate with seller’s so they give you seller financing.
    • The skills you need to influence sellers to sell their property to you at 0% interest.
    • How you can double and triple the number of deals you are doing now.
    • Giving the seller what they NEED, so you can get what you WANT.
  • ***Chris is staying in town to teach our last Saturday training of 2015. Make sure you are there! Details are here.***

    What happens at a REAPS meeting? A lot! Doors open at 6:00pm in to our amazing networking room. Meet vendors and other members and see what kind of people join REAPS.  Food is served and the company is great. Pose a question about real estate to any of our volunteers at the Genius Bar or attend our Orientation at 6:30pm where we cover all the reasons why REAPS is one of the best Professional Associations in the nation for real estate investors. At 7:00pm our make your way into the ballroom for our jam-packed main meeting with your host and President, Katherine Swanberg. Watch as members announce what they have and what they need during the “Haves and Wants” round.  Learn about the current real estate market during our Market Update. Then, stick around to see our guest speaker. We look forward to having you as our guest.

    About our Speaker:

    Chris McClatchey is a Nationally Recognized Speaker who teaches individuals, from beginning investors to seasoned professionals, how to build and maintain real wealth through the use of real estate investments. Chris prides himself on the ability to “Educate highly qualified individuals on how to build multi-million dollar real estate portfolios using creative financing techniques, private lenders, partnerships and retirement accounts”. He has developed a systematic approach to investing, which involves leveraging technology to 'create more hours in the day'. Chris is known for his ability to make automation a luxury that everyone can understand and utilize in their own business.

    Chris is known for sharing his “Power of Zero” technique on how he purchases houses and apartment buildings No Money Down and/or 0% Seller Financing!  Using Chris’ techniques, you can get properties free and clear in half the time.  As a result Chris will be able to retire at the age of 48 with over 100 free and clear properties. When he speaks at your event, he will teach your members can do this NOW! Chris believes that everyone is capable of better managing their time and money, and he's dedicated to assisting people in discovering their "Why" and learning to incorporate the "How", in order to 'get out of their job and into their life'.

    From his 15 years in the business, Chris now shares his knowledge and techniques in his Seminars, Products and Coaching Program. Chris has spoken at a number of Real Estate Investment Associations' across the country including AZREIA in Phoenix, AZ, Washington D.C., Metrolina in Charlotte, N.C., OREIA Convention, New Orleans REIA, North Metro in Acworth, GA, Cincinnati REIA, Central Florida Realty Investors Association (CFRI), Capital City REIA in Washington DC, REAPS in Seattle, WA, RPOA in Kent County, MI, MAREIA in Baltimore, MD, MREI in Detroit, MI, GAREIA in Atlanta, GA, Realty 411 in Overland Park, KS, OREIA in Mason, OH, and Tampa Bay REIA, to name a few.

    Chris has been a member of Central Florida Realty Investor’s Association (CFRI) since 2003. He is one (1) of only five (5) members of CFRI to be a Certified Coach in their Success Team Members Program.  In addition, Chris has also been a Chapter Leader for CFRI for the last 4 years.

    Chris is also a member of NAREIA for the past 5 years. Chris has spoken for National REIA University (National REIAU) for the last three (3) years. He has spoken on the NAREIA cruise numerous times and he spoken at many chapters affiliated with NAREIA all over the country. In 2014, Chris was chosen to be National REIA University's Lead Educator for all of the introductory videos.

    Residing in Merritt Island, Florida with his family, Chris owns several Real Estate Investment Companies and a Real Estate Brokerage in Brevard County. Chris is both a licensed Attorney and a licensed Realtor in the state of Florida.

    Chris has been a Real Estate Investor and a licensed Attorney since 1997. As an Attorney, he practiced Corporate and Insurance Litigation for the first five (5) years of his practice while residing in Ohio. Having moved to Florida in 2003, he became a licensed Attorney in Florida as well as a licensed Realtor. His law practice shifted to the area of Real Estate and he continues his practice today.

    As an Investor, Chris has opened and still owns a number of Real Estate Investment Companies and Partnerships. These companies have purchased real estate all over the United States. Although some of his holdings are currently outside the state of Florida, he now concentrates specifically in Brevard County, Florida.

    In 2009, Chris established Real Wealth Publishing, Inc. in order to educate and coach individuals on how to develop Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolios using their retirement plans, private money, creative financing techniques and partnerships. As a Nationally Recognized Real Estate Investor, Speaker and Coach, Chris has worked hard in creating cutting-edge products and specialized training in Creative Real Estate Techniques, Automation Systems, and Transaction Engineering Investments.

    REAPS Members free when you pre-register
    Guests: $20 online, $25 at the door
    Promo Code: Bigger

    Bellevue Red Lion Hotel
    11211 Main Street
    Bellevue, WA

    Good speaker and the info at the meeting will be worth the $20 entry. Not a fan of the products he sells, charges an arm and a leg for what you get for free on BP and with a good REALTOR. 

    I saw Chris at our CFRI here in Orlando a few months ago and decided to attended his TERMS seminar two weeks after. The introduction meeting to his strategy is certainly enough to intrigue you on his strategy so I would agree that the $20 will be spent well. It's really in the seminar where he dives into the strategy for us, it was an 8 hour seminar. Of course by the end of it is when he brings in the "packaged deal". I did not purchase it at the end, but would certainly suggest attending if you want to learn about different Buy & Hold strategies. 

    Thanks for sharing your experienced opinions @Bill Bodziak and @David Pupo .  Anyone who states you can buy real property with no money is just blowing uneducated hype  and hot air in my book.  There ain't no such thing as a legal RE transaction without consideration.  Cheers!

    Well I attend the meetings for our REIA here in Orlando and this is where it all began for Chris, I have asked others who have attended his seminars in the past and a lot of people have actually praised his methods. Certainly have to be open to learning a method that is different than the norm.

    Thanks @David Pupo .  I just re-read the whole thing and it doesn't say 'no money' it says 'no money down'.  That is possible.  It take back what I said. I was mistaken. There are certainly legal ways to purchase real property with none of your own money down.  Cheers!

    Originally posted by @Steve Vaughan :

    Thanks @David Pupo.  I just re-read the whole thing and it doesn't say 'no money' it says 'no money down'.  That is possible.  It take back what I said. I was mistaken. There are certainly legal ways to purchase real property with none of your own money down.  Cheers!

     To you as well Steve!