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Hello BP,

I will be hosting a Meetup for real estate investing in Santa Clara County. The first meeting will be mostly informative to give attendees an overview of the local market and what to consider when entering into an investment. You can find additional information and RSVP below. We welcome members from the Bay Area, Sacramento, Central Valley, and even Southern California.

The Meetup is being held on Thursday January, 14th at 6:30 pm. The Panera at 503 Coleman Ave San Jose, CA 95110 is the meeting location.  Please feel free to order your food and come join us to discuss real estate!

Hi BP,

We are hosting our second Meetup of the year. The first session was a success and covered the basics of real estate investing in the current Santa Clara County market. This upcoming session will cover net leased real estate investing; asset classes within the net leased segment, leases, tenants, and financing.

We hope that you can join us. Please feel free to RSVP through our Meetup group page.



This thread was just moved into the correct section, thank you Mindy for the heads up. I just wanted to make sure that Bay Area BP members have an opportunity to join us for this next Meetup. I hope to see you there!

Hi BP -

I am reminding you that our Santa Clara County Real Estate Investing Meetup is taking place this Thursday 2/18. This month's topic is Net Leased Investing. The details of our group are included in the posts above. I hope to see you there!



Please Help! I am a home owner of an 1932 "cabin" in the Santa Cruz Mountains, (Los Gatos) and I just received a letter from the county of Santa Clara. This letter said that they were inquiring about "possible violations of Zoning Section 4.20.020(h), illegal occupancy, at my property. Well,I have downstairs "granny" unit that was in the house when I bought it. For years, my kids lived there but when they moved out, I rented it out. It is probably not a "legal" unit, I don't think. I suspect a neighbor turned me in??? What do you think they will do? They want me to contact them within 15 days. Thank you, thank you! I'm not sure what to do or if there is anything? Or do you think I should get an attorney?  Gaylene

Gayle you may be able to convert the downstairs unit to a legal ADU, which will cost some money, but also had huge value to the house. You should be able to get a free 30 minute consult from a lawyer if you call the County Legal Association and get some advice. There is a huge push to get more housing in the county so as long as there are no health or safety violations there is probably a way to solve the problem.