January's meeting is one of my favorites and you won't want to miss.

Pine Financial is hosting our Real Estate Round Table. This meeting has produced more successful investors than anything we have done. Not only will you learn from the best you will get to know the best. We will have several power investors and power vendors participating in what can only be described as speed dating for the real estate investor. They will each host a table where you will move freely through the room visiting several tables where you will get a chance to listen to other ask questions or you can ask you own. This is the one meeting of the year you cannot miss.

*Please make sure to show up on time this month. You will only have a little time to order food, before we start rotating tables.*

We meet once a month to bring real estate investors together. The meeting is free and is based around networking. Have a property to sell, service to offer or just want to join the local real estate investor scene please join us at our next meeting.